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Apply Canada Permanent Resident (PR) Visa from India 2020


Canada shares an exceptional connection with India. Thanks to the thousands of families from India settled in Canada. Needless to mention that Canada is the most favorite immigration destination for Indians. If you are also planning to apply Canada PR from India 2020 this year, this page will provide guide you about the process.

The process discussed below will help you apply and get the Canadian PR visa through a hassle-free and easiest manner.

Stepwise Process to Apply Canada PR from India 2020

If you are an Indian applying PR in Canada, you can opt for any of the below two programs:

  • How to Apply in Express Entry System of Canada from India 2020?

As the name suggests, it’s the fastest way to apply and get permanent residency in Canada. It was launched by IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) in 2015. Express Entry is a point based online system to apply and attain Canada PR. As a skilled worker applying in Express Entry System of Canada from India 2020, you need to generate your profile in online express entry system, mentioning your age, education, language proficiency level, experience, etc. based on which you will have to clear the first round and score minimum 67 points out of 100 under the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) to qualify.


Now you will reach the second stage of the program, i.e. in Express entry pool. Here you will be allocated points (based education, experience, language, etc.) out of 1200 points. Your total scored points is called your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Score. Your CRS score in express entry pool will decide how soon you get the invitation to apply for Canada PR Visa from IRCC, through a draw, which is held every fortnight. If you receive an invite in any of the express entry draws, you will have to submit complete application and documents to apply for Canada PR Visa within 60 days. At this stage, your application and documents will be reviewed and you will be asked to submit a Police certificate and medical exam certificate. If your application and documents are found complete and correct, you will get visa approval from IRCC. 

  • Apply Provincial Nominee Program of Canada from India

As discussed above, once an applicant reaches express entry pool, his CRS score will decide how soon he gets the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR. However, if your CRS score is low, you may either get invite late or may not get the same at all. In such a scenario, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) of Canada provides you with an easy alternative to obtain permanent residency in Canada from India through PNP. The PNPs are the immigration programs of the Canadian provinces, which operate in coordination with the federal government. Most provinces (state) of Canada, get an annual quota from the federal government to invite and select immigrants for their respective provinces through Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

A province invites application from suitable applicants through PNP and accordingly nominate the selected candidates for Canada PR to IRCC- the Federal immigration department of Canada. Based on the stream or subcategory of a PNP you have applied you get the following benefit from a PNP, i.e.

    • Get an additional 600 CRS points in express entry, which ensure you get the invitation in the next express entry draw.
    • Get provincial nomination, which for you to directly apply Canada PR to IRCC

What are the Benefits of Canada PR?

Canadian PR visa holder get several benefits, similar to a Canadian citizen. Here are a few key Canada PR benefits:

  • As a Canada PR holder, you and your eligible family members are allowed to live, work or study anywhere in Canada.
  • You can sponsor your eligible family member in India to come to Canada on PR visa
  • You can apply for citizenship, if you have spend at least 1,095 days out of the 5 years in Canada as a PR.
  • You are eligible to receive social benefits, i.e. healthcare coverage, etc.
  • You get protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as Canada PR India (i.e. Canada PR holder from India).

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Get Canadian Permanent Residency in Canada from India

If you want to apply and get permanent residency in Canada from India this year, you must prepare your immigration file now by coordinating with a genuine and trusted Canadian immigration consultant in India.

Also, visit the website of Canada PR Avenue regularly, as it provides you comprehensive information about the appropriate pathways, information, and updates to apply for PR visa in Canada from India 2020.

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