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Easiest Province to get PR in Canada 2020


Canada has been a popular destination for immigrants across the globe, especially Asia, for a long time. The Canadian government has been quite understanding of the benefits immigrant workers bring and has started various programs to facilitate this immigration and make the process easier for immigrants. Moving to Canada through the express entry program has been a popular option for skilled workers from all over the world ever since Express entry was launched by the Canadian government’s Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada wing in January of 2015. In the third quarter of 2018 itself, the government of Canada issued 22,800 invitations to apply for the PR. However, the CRS score required to be eligible has been rising, with the latest CRS cut off at 445, making entry through direct express entry tougher.


PNPs to the Rescue

In such a moment, it can be a good idea for applicants to go for a Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) with their express entry profiles. These PNPs are run by the different provinces of Canada to invite applicants who possess relevant skill sets required by them. The different PNPs started by provinces are-

1.      British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

2.     Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.

3.     Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program.

4.     Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

5.      Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

6.     New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program.

7.      Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program. 

8.     Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program.

9.     Newfoundland Provincial Nominee Program.

If the application for nomination through these programs is accepted by the province, 600 points are added to the applicant’s CRS score, virtually guaranteeing the nomination.

The PNPs with the Quickest Immigration Process 2020

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is the most popular PNP for reasons like ease of entry and high ITA (Invitation to apply) rate. In the year 2018, Ontario has given out 5817 ITAs. It is also the province with the quickest immigration process. Ontario is the economic center of Canada, and there are immense career opportunities present in the province and they are only increasing in number. Ontario invites applications with a low CRS score of 400 compared to direct entry’s CRS requirements which hover around the 440-450 mark. There is also a large presence of Asian immigrants in Ontario, especially in the capital city of Toronto, leading to even more popularity especially amongst immigrants from Asia.

The Saskatchewan Immigration nominee program(SINP)is also a relatively easier PNP Canada as it only requires an express entry score of 60/ 100 while the standard for the other PNPs is 67. It is also one of the fastest Provincial nominee programs and demands a low IELTS score of CLB 4.

The British Columbia provincial nominee program(BCPNM) And the Alberta immigrant nominee program (AINP) are some of the other popular PNPs run by the Provinces in coordination with the Canadian Federal government.

PNPs are a great way to increase your chances of receiving a Canadian PR as the cut-offs for direct express entry get higher. To understand PNPs and get support from experts, you can contact Canada PR Avenue at [email protected]

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