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Latest Canada Immigration Rule Changes 2019


Canada immigration going to be on peak this year with huge immigration target for 2019 announced by the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada). This year, the IRCC plans to accept 3,30,000 permanent residents under different immigration programs. The Express Entry alone will issue 81,400 invitations in the year 2019.

However, as the year 2019 is just started, as of now no major rule changes have been announced.

Hence, the changes implemented in recent past in Canada immigration and PR process, i.e. last year, will be the Canada PR rules changes 2019 in as well.

Rule Changes Applicable in 2019

Find below key Canada immigration rule changes in 2019:

No Changes in Selection Factors of Express Entry

Well, as far as eligibility requirements or selection factors of Canada immigration or federal express entry system is concerned, no major change has been observed. The six selection factor for Express Entry remain the same, i.e. age, education, work experience, language ability (English/French), Adaptability and Arranged employment.

A skilled worker applying in express entry need to score minimum 67 points based on all the above-mentioned selection factors under the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category of Federal EE System.


TCF Canada accepted as a French Language Test

The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) has accepted the TCF as 2nd French Language test. The other already accepted option is the Test d’évaluation de français(TEF Canada). Now the applicants can provide the language test results of either the TEF Canada or TCF Canada as proof of their French Language proficiency.

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Biometric Rule Applicable w.e.f. 31st December 2018

Canada has now employed the Biometric Rule for the people of Asia, Asia Pacific, and America, applying for the temporary or permanent visa in Canada. As of now these parts of the globe were exempted from the biometric rule.

However, with effect from December 31, 2018, the visa applicants from the mentioned regions also need to provide their biometric details and also need to pay the fees applicable for the same. This will now a crucial part of Canada Immigration process 2019.

Updated ECA Evaluation Fee

Although, this is not the part of Canada immigration rule changes, however, if you are applying Canada PR in 2019, it will be changed to keep in mind. ECA is an important document you require to create the profile in Express Entry or any PNP. The World Education Service (WES)- the approved authority by IRCC for providing the ECA Report has now increased its fees to $220 with effect from 1st January 2019. However, the new fees do not include delivery fees or a 13% Harmonized Sales Tax.


The rule changes with regards to Canada Provincial Nominee Programs of Canada are given in the separate section/web page on this website, please check the same to know the PNP rule changes applicable in 2019.

In case, you have any query or need any clarification about the process above, you may forward an email to our Canada immigration and PR expert on e-mail id- info@canadapravenue.com. Keep visiting the Canada PR Avenue website to find the latest updates, information, rule changes, and news with regards to Canada permanent residency visa.

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