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Canada Student Visa Fees for Indian

Canada is known as one of the best destinations for foreign students in the world. The Canadian colleges and universities offer a wide range of study programs, practical learning experiences and career opportunities.

If you wish to study in Canada, then another endearing factor apart from quality education is affordable tuition fees and Canada study visa fees.

Studying in an Canadian educational institutions is less expensive in comparison to other major study destinations like, the USA, UK or Australia.

Canada Student Visa Processing Fee (Including Extensions)

Students from different parts of the world come to Canada to pursue higher education on a student visa at prominent Canadian institutions.

In order to apply for canada student visa, an applicant is required to pay particular fees as mentioned below:




Study permit (including extensions) – per person



Restore your status as a student

(Restore your status ($200) and a get a new study permit ($150))



 Please note, the above mentioned amount is subject to change or update anytime at the discretion of the IRCC (Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada).

Biometric Fee for Canada Student Visa

Apart from the mentioned Canada student visa fees in Indian rupees, everyone who is submitting a Canada s study permit application from India, must provide biometrics as well, i.e. fingerprints and a photograph.

The biometrics fee includes, fingerprints and a digital photo collection cost, documents moving cost between visa office and VAC where an applicant gave his/her biometrics.

Also, if applicant s children qualify as dependants, then an applicant must pay the family fee as well.

Biometric cost




Biometrics – per person



Biometrics – per family (2 or more people)



 Check: Canada Study Visa Latest Rules

Reasons to Study in Canada for International Students

Right from quality education and affordable tuition to safer cities and broader employment options, Canada is the most loved place.

The country offers working options both during as well as after the study period, which helps a recent graduate smoothly move towards Canadian permanent residence pathway.

A lot of students now choose Canada over destinations like, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and France, due of specific advantages that studying in Canadian educational institution can bring along.

Top 5 Reasons to Study in Canada

  • World-class universities and colleges- Canadian colleges and universities are known for research and innovation. The higher education institutions there vary in size, character, breadth and scope of study programs. Students get high-quality education owing to higher academic standards and quality controls. Moreover, a Canadian diploma, certificate or degree is recognized all over the world.
  • Lower tuition costs- As mentioned, Canada is often most preferred choice owing to its affordable tuition cost, Canada study visa fees, accommodation and living expenses, in comparison to other countries.
  • Work while you study- Students can work while studying in Canada, which would help them manage their expenses provided they have a valid study permit and are enrolled at a designated learning institution.
  • Post-graduate work permit- A PGWP is a definite path that transitions a student to Canadian PR. It is issued upon course completion for maximum 3 years.
  • A pathway to permanent residence of Canada- A relevant skilled Canadian work experience that a student gains under PGWP Program helps him qualify for PR visa via Express Entry s the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

To conclude, we would like to bring focus to a fact that Canada wants students! A bunch of young and intelligent newcomers have the right credentials and Canada wishes to absorb them so that they can contribute to its flourishing economy.

In short, Canada want international students to live, study, work, contribute economically and socially, and live there permanently.

In order to find out your chances to apply for admission in Canada and obtaining a Canadian study permit, take a free student assessment today.

With this, you can kick-start your study permit application process with the expert guidance of our team at Canada PR Avenue.

We can guide you through the process, which involves assisting you in selecting right college and course, obtaining an acceptance letter, financial guidance, explaining about tuition cost, student visa fees for Canada, assisting with documentation gathering and more.

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