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At Canada PR Avenue, we aim to make the Immigration procedure uncomplicated and hassle for you, so that you not only choose right visa program to apply, but also avoid the stress of tackling with lengthy paperwork and following up your application with the immigration officers with the help of one of the top immigration consultants in India.

Being one of the leading visa and immigration consultancy companies, Canada PR Avenue offers a comprehensive suite of services specially designed to help applicants navigate easily through the levels of immigration processes and expedite the visa application processing.

Below is a list of services we offer to our clients Pan India:

Canada PR Avenue Services


We at Canada PR Avenue follow a stepwise case analysis process. When a client contact us for immigration guidance, we review his/her profile, demographics, visa type (i.e. Working visa, Study Visa, Tourist Visa, Permanent Residency), resume, area of interest and the eligibility conditions.

Our consultants gather all these details and prepare a category file. Once a file is created, we evaluate it based on the eligibility conditions and visa categories of Canada. After all the checkpoints and case study, we discuss with the client as to which Visa Category he/she fits on the basis of their profile. This results in saving a lot of time, effort and money.

With our application pre-assessment service, a prospective immigrant can successfully sail through specific visa procedures of Canada. Our experienced visa consultants examine the client s profile against all the pre-determined selection conditions for various Canada PR visa categories.

We assist our clients in an assessment or evaluation of their qualification from the educational institutions and/or professional bodies in the country of immigration.

Whether its PNP, Express Entry, Family Class Sponsorship or Canadian Investor Immigration, you can be sure about receiving excellent Visa application pre-assessment services.

Applying for Canadian PR visa requires submitting your visa application, which can be a very complex and tedious procedure. An applicant has to take care of various aspects to ensure filing an error-free and complete visa application.

An applicant can avail our Visa application filling services to ease out the entire process.And with the help of our best in class immigration consultants, we strive to cater quick and hassle-free online application processing and filing, which results in making the process much smoother and easier.

With our application form-filling services, we provide an end-to-end assistance to applicants with completion and submission of their entire visa application form.

Proper documentation is a must for the successful Canada immigration. If an applicant submits an incorrect or incomplete documents, then the chances of rejection are pretty high. Countries like Canada have strict Immigration department and rejects any visa application that lacks authentic information and proper documents.

Majorities of visa applications face the rejection status due of inappropriate, incorrect or missing documents that are compulsory for the visa application. At Canada PR Avenue, we offer exclusive documentation service to all our clients.

We go through the document checklist to ensure that the client s visa application is complete. Our immigration experts guide them through the entire documentation process and keep a keen eye on client s visa application.

For every aspiring immigrant who wish to live and work in Canada, French or English language proficiency is one of the key requirements. Proficiency in either of the languageswill reward an applicant more points on the CRS score points table.

The ability to speak French and English is not only an advantage in the international market and the Canadian Job Bank, but will also help you improve your CRS score and brighten up your chances of Express Entry pool selection.

Our exclusive English language (i.e. IELTS) coaching services can help you score high in IELTS Test, which in turn helps you better demonstrate your English abilities to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

To be eligible for most of the Canadian economic immigration programs, you have to show a valid work experience. For most of the streams, that work experience has to be ‘skilled’ and classified under NOC Skill Level 0, A, or B. So, in order to prove that you have the desired work experience, you have to provide a letter of reference for each position held by you.

Reference letters can be a bit challenging if you lack the proper inclination towards writing them. We would advise you to leave the job to our professional to review a letter of recommendation for accuracy, grammar, salutation, proper placement of relevant facts and proper elaboration of duties performed at work.

We provide a reference letter draft to our clients so that they can better present all the important points in a proper format approved by IRCC.

Our visa consultant serves a link between an applicant and Canada immigration authority. They not only assist you to set up your application and guide you through the application filing procedure and documentation, but they also follow-up with the visa office to keep a track of your application status.

This way, you can sit and relax, while our immigration consultants do the job for you. Once IRCC starts processing your application, you get an acknowledgement of receipt letter or an email from IRCC with an application number.

Using this application number, our team begins tracing your application status online or via E-mail. Else, they also use processing times as an ultimate guide to find out how much time it might take to process your visa application.

Despite of having liberal policies and various immigration programs, aspirants still face difficulty in getting approval for their visa application. And, it is absolutely devastating for a candidate to face refusal of his/her visa application as they put a lot of time, efforts and money in the visa application filing process.

Therefore, we offer an exclusive refusal case analysis and re-filing service for those applicants who don’t show courage to re-apply and forget their dream of immigrating to Canada.

We analyze the reasons which are mostly responsible for the refusal of cases, including:

  • Incorrect application
  • Incorrect documents
  • Ineligibility
  • Inadequate funds
  • Fail to convince the immigration officer
  • Insufficient evidence to prove the relationship

With years of past experience, our experts assist you in the elimination of above stated rejection points, so that you can re-file your visa application.

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