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SINP In-Demand Occupation List 2020


The Canadian province Saskatchewan has the SINP In-Demand occupation list, which contains the occupations, which are highly sought by different employers and industries in the province.

As per the announcement from SINP on September 18, 2019, SINP occupation list has been expanded to add more than 200 occupations which are there in Canada’s NOC occupation list.

The NOC (National Occupational Classification) list includes various occupations in Canada with their Skill types, i.e.NOC "A" (occupations that usually require university education), NOC "B" (occupations that usually require college education or apprenticeship training) orNOC "0" (management).

Moreover, Saskatchewan has also released the SINP Excluded Occupations list (updated on September 16, 2019), which includes the occupations, which are ineligible for SINP- OID, and Express Entry subcategory of SINP.

If you are applying in SINP, you must check the Excluded Occupation list to find out whether or not your occupation is eligible for applying SINP – Express Entry and Occupation in Demand (OID) Subcategory.

The provincial government invites applications from skilled and talented people from foreign countries (through SINP)to get employed in these occupations. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is the popular immigration program of Saskatchewan province.

The Saskatchewan high demand Occupation List 2020 (the new list including NOC occupations) contains some occupations (not all), which are regulated and hence, require certain documents regarding the professional status or licensure.

Find below the list of such occupations that require documentation related to professional status or licensure.

List of SINP Occupations

(With professional status or licensure Requirement)

1. Engineering Occupations and Professional Requirements

National Occupation Classification (NOC)

SINP Requirements Related to Professional Status or Licensure

SINP Education Requirements Specific to this Occupation

0211-Engineering Managers

2131-Civil engineers

2132-Mechanical engineers

2133-Electrical and electronics engineers

2134-Chemical engineers

2141-Industrial and manufacturing engineers

2142-Metallurgical and materials engineers

2143-Mining engineers

2144-Geological engineers

2147-Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

2148-Other professional engineers

Please provide a letter from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS) showing that your application for registration as an Engineer-in-Training has been approved, or, a letter from APEGS indicating that you have been assigned Confirmatory Exams.


Download Full SINP Occupation List in Pdf format

The SINP occupation list is subject to change periodically as per the current occupation demand in the province of Saskatchewan, hence, to confirm the latest status of your occupation, you can e-mail our Canada immigration expert at [email protected]

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