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7 Major Reasons for Rejection of Canada PR Visa 2024

Every year, applicants from foreign countries get their Canadian permanent residence applications refused for an array of reasons, a lot which is totally preventable.

Such unfortunate circumstances disappoint all the Canada PR application rejected applicants and their family members.

Canada has plentiful of immigration pathways for skilled foreign nationals, but to navigate through the processes in the desired way as per the rules and regulation can sometimes prove quite challenging.

7 Reasons for Canada PR Application Rejection

Below is a comprehensive list of most common 7 reasons for an increased Canadian PR visa rejection rate, which can help an aspiring immigrant to further improvise his/her plan of action for immigrating to Canada.

  • Misrepresentation

This situation arises in the case of application completion, where an applicant sometimes misreads a question on the application form, miss out upon any important information from an application form or misunderstand the given instructions while completing an application form.

Most of the time, misinterpretation may appear like a deliberate attempt on an applicant s part to mislead the authorities or hide a certain piece of information. But, it is not the case always, sometimes a case of misinterpretation is completely unintended and preventable.

As a result of above-stated instances of misrepresentation, a PR visa application gets refused or rejected. In fact, sometimes an applicant may get banned by IRCC from reapplying for up to two years time period.

  • Health

An applicant who is applying for Canada PR visa is required to undergo a medical examination and produce a medical certificate from a doctor who is recognized by CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

In case of certain health problems, like, Diabetes or Hepatitis A for which an applicant needs to take medication, CIC considers those applicants as a burden on the universal healthcare system of Canada.

Thus, they have the right to reject or refuse even an eligible applicant for Canadian permanent residency visa on health or medical grounds.

In a few cases, an applicant may overcome the rejection on the basis of health grounds. For instance,  if an applicant produces a report from a specialist on the particular health condition, then he/she may avoid any further medical examinations, refusal or delays.

  • Criminal Background Checks

For every country, a criminal background check is done for the place where an applicant has resided for six months or longer time period since he/she had turned 18 years.

Canada wants to make sure that an immigrant who is coming to the country doesn t have any criminal background that could probably threaten the safety and security of other residents. In case an applicant didn t have any convictions or charges in the past, then this stage is nothing more than mere paperwork that needs to be done on time.

But, if the case an applicant had a criminal offense in the past record, then this could cause an issue during his/her application process.

A foreign national may be considered as criminally inadmissible for Canada on serious criminality grounds. For an applicant who had a conviction in his/her past record, may face application rejection.

  • Missed a deadline

CIC always attempts to make the process faster for all the applicants by imposing a deadline for submitting certain documents and forms. If an applicant misses out on any of these deadlines, then his/her application will be refused.

Therefore, it is very important to know how and by what time to gather and submit certain documents, and how and by what time to complete and submit certain forms.

But, it is also a known fact that missing a deadline is totally avoidable. All you need is to be prepared and organized in advance during the immigration process.

  • Reconsiderations (CIC commit mistakes)

In certain scenarios, CIC follows its established rules and procedures as visa offices may commit certain errors or inconsistencies during their work. It is quite possible that in certain cases they may misinterpret the rules and refuse or reject a visa application on totally unjustified grounds.

  • Failed to attach certain relevant documents

CIC provides a detailed list of important documents that are required to be submitted by an applicant, along with a tracking number so that an application can be completed on time. It depends on an applicant s part to gather all those listed documents and submit to the correct CIC office along with the tracking number.

In case an applicant fails to do so, then his or her application might get refused or rejected.

  • Non-adherence to the eligibility requirements

With more than 60 unique immigration programs comes a number of eligibility factors. There is the person’s age, net worth, education, occupation and work experience, etc. An applicant may or may not be eligible for one, two or none of such programs.

A mere glance at the eligibility criteria as a general may appear to an applicant as if he or she is eligible. But, it is important to assess your eligibility for a particular immigration program, for which you are applying. A detailed review of that particular program s application criteria against your credentials is required to assess your eligibility to apply.

Sometimes an applicant gets his/her Canada permanent resident application rejected because of ineligibility for a particular program for which he/she has applied, even after being eligible for another immigration program of Canada. This situation is again totally preventable if an applicant properly goes through the eligibility requirements before filing an application.

In order to avoid such scenarios and get your application approved in the first attempt, it is always advisable to seek guidance from expert immigration consultants who have knowledge about the possible fallouts.

Whether you are applying for the first time or it s your re-filing case, Canada PR Avenue can assist you at every stage and guide you through the proper documentation and the application completion process.

To connect with us, you can drop an e-mail at info@canadapravenue.com and one of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

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