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IELTS Preparation Online For Canada Immigration 2024

Since 1989, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) has helped millions of people to study, live and work in English-speaking parts of the world. It is considered as an internationally accepted English language proficiency test. It is divided into four sections, including listening, reading, writing and speaking. 

Note: With effect from January 30, 2024, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) expanded its recognition of language proficiency exams for Canadian immigration by including the Pearson Test of English (PTE) Core. PTE Core is now a viable option for individuals seeking migration or work visas to Canada, as well as those aspiring to Canadian citizenship.

Role of IELTS for Canada PR

Canadian academic institutions accept IELTS as an English language ability measure, and one of the most important aspects of immigration to Canada. This makes IELTS as the world’s most reliable English language test for immigration and university admissions around the globe. 

Managed by the IDP Education Pvt. Ltd., British Council, and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, IELTS includes academic version and general training version. For people aspiring to immigrate to Canada, the general training version is meant for them. It is for non-academic purposes like immigration and gaining work experiences.

In Canada, there are two official languages– English and French. It is not important to know both the languages but a fair knowledge of both can help you attain a few extra points on the visa profile. But, what is considered as highly integral in Canada is the knowledge of the English language. It is important not just for professional reasons but for personal day to day communication as well.

IELTS and PTE for Canada and Australia immigration

For Canada immigration, you can provide both IELTS General and PTE Core Language Test for English.



IELTS is widely popular English language proficiency test recognized by immigration authorities sand educational institutions of Canada, Australian, New Zealand and most other advanced nations. IELTS test has two versions, i.e.

PTE is a popular English proficiency test. PTE is accepted by most advanced nations for study permit and immigration. Moreover, like IELTS, the PTE test also has different versions for students and work visa or immigration applicants.

  • IELTS Academic (for study abroad)

·         PTE Academic: Accepted worldwide for study and immigration.

  • IELTS General (for immigration to an overseas country)


  • PTE Core: A general English test. Accepted in Canada for immigration.


  • UK visa tests: PTE Academic UKVI and PTE Home A1, A2 & B1 – for study, work, or settling in the UK.

If you wish to get in person or online IELTS coaching or PTE coaching, you may contact Canada PR Avenue.

IELTS Exam Preparation Video


IELTS Points Required for Canada Express Entry Program

While calculating your CRS score, IELTS counts as an important factor. Ideally, a candidate should score a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 10 or higher to attain the maximum points for the proficiency of the language. However, if your other factor considerations like educational qualification, age, work experience and adaptability score well, then you can definitely qualify for Canada immigration with a CLB 7 score in your first language. 

It would also prove useful in learning a second language (either French or English) and score above CLB 5 to get extra points and upgrade your overall CRS. 

The Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is the country’s federal immigration body, which holds IELTS scores applicable for up to two years. The average time taken in processing an application by the IRCC is approximately 6 months. Therefore, it is significant to keep in mind that IELTS scores should remain valid during the entire immigration process, including application, selection, and permanent resident status application.

So, in case your scores are about to expire while your application is still in process, then it is advised to reappear for the test and submit your updated scores to the Canadian authority.

As per IRCC, the minimum marks required for qualifying Canadian immigration via Express Entry. If your first or preferred language is English, then you can refer to the following chart to understand the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS):

First Official Language (Maximum 24 points)

CLB Level

Ability: Speaking

Ability: Listening

Ability: Reading

Ability: Writing

Points per Ability



6.0 – 7.0
















10 and above

7.5 – 9.0

8.5 – 9.0

8.0 – 9.0

7.5 – 9.0


About IELTS Exam for Canada Immigration

If your preference or first language is English, then you will apply to the Canada Express Entry system via IELTS. There are 4 key areas of IELTS Exam where examinees are tested:

  • Listening: This section contains a total of 40 questions with 30 minutes of the allotted time and an extra 10 minutes for conversion.
  • Reading: This section also contains a total of 40 questions and with 60 minutes of the allotted time for completion.
  • Writing: This section contains 2 tasks with 60 minutes of the allotted time for completion.
  • Speaking: This section contains 3 parts with 11 to 14 minutes of the allotted time for completion.

You can take the IELTS test in more than 150 locations across Canada. Each province s capital city has a test centre.

Difference Between Offline and Online IELTS exam version

  • Timing and format for both the test are same, however, just the form of giving exam is different.
  • For an online exam, the writing task is comparatively easier as it allows you to rewrite and edit the sentences; while in an offline test, you have to first draft the answer and then write the final one. 
  • Another advantage of an online test is that the result of the test comes within the time period of 13 days, while the result of the offline test takes up to 6 weeks.
  • Assessment for both the version is completely different. Your answers are saved in the system and are uploaded automatically to the Cambridge server; while an offline sheet is collected by the examiner and later on sent to the Cambridge facility.

Trust Canada PR Avenue for IELTS Exam Preparations

At Canada PR Avenue, we offer in-depth information about the IELTS exam preparation process and requirements. With a dedicated immigration news section, you get the latest news and updates like IELTS exam requirements, dates, minimum IELTS score for Canada immigration 2020 and IDP IELTS results. While, Visas Avenue, an immigration consultancy who manages Canada PR Avenue helps skilled professionals all over India in immigrating to Canada. There is a team of experienced immigration experts who are familiar with the intricacies of Canadian immigration aspects. They can help resolve all your IELTS exams and preparation related queries and help you apply PR in Canada this year.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a further query about IELTS or wish to start your immigration process in a hassle-free manner, you may get in touch with our Canada immigration expert by sending a mail at info@canadapravenue.com. Alternatively, you can fill the free assessment form below to get a call back from the expert. ?

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