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Canada PR Visa Fees in Indian Rupees 2024

As a standard set by Canada s immigration authority, the IRCC, a processing fee has to be submitted along with most of the Canadian visa applications. The fee amount is same regardless of an applicant s country of origin or nationality.

The Canada immigration fees or processing fees for a permanent resident visa largely depends on the total number family members that are accompanying a primary applicant, and are different from any fees that has to be paid to a consultant or advisor.

While, Permanent Residence fees differs as per the program you choose and the immigration stream under which you are applying.

As an applicant, upon application approval, you are obliged to submit the Right of Permanent Residence Fee. It is a separate fee to be paid by all applicants who are approved, no matter under which program they have applied.

Processing Fee Structure for Immigration to Canada

The Canada PR processing fees from India differs on the basis of the stream you opt for immigrating to Canada. Below is a list of the application processing fees structure for following Economic Immigration programs:

Canada PR Fee Applicable from April 30, 2024

Charges applied for

Amount in CAD$

Amount in INR*

Canada PR Fee for Primary Applicant



Right of PR Fee



Spouse or Partner processing fee



Dependent Child (Per child)



IELTS Test fees



* ECA from WES fees – Approx.-(including  courier charge)



Medical Test


5,500 (vary place to place)

PCC Fees


1000 (vary place to place)

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Note: Above-mentioned fees/charges are subject to change at the discretion of the IRCC and other relevant authorities without any prior notice.

Apart from the mentioned fees that needs to submit to the IRCC and other relevant authorities, depending up on the program you choose for Canada PR, there are other additional costs involved that you need to be take into consideration.

Express Entry Settlement Funds Requirement

IRCC announced to update Proof of Funds Requirement w.e.f. 28 May 2024:

You can refer to the table below, showing the updated minimum settlement fund requirements for Express Entry. In case you have extra money, you can list the complete amount in your application or profile.

Number of family members

Funds required Existing (Valid till 27 May 2024)
(in Canadian dollars)

Amount in INR*

Funds Required w.e.f. 28 May 2024





























If more than 7 people, for each additional family member




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