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Sweden Job Seeker Visa

If you are Looking to immigrate to Sweden but don’t have a job offer, the all new Sweden job seeker visa is ideal for you. This new visa allows qualified professionals to enter Sweden for up to 9 months and look for a job or start their business. 

A well-qualified professional or an entrepreneur can apply for a temporary residency permit in Sweden, which is initially issued for 3 to 9 months.

Key Residency Requirements for Sweden Job Seeker Visa

To qualify, you must:

  • hold master’s, advanced vocational degree or professional or PhD degree, which is recognized by Sweden?
  • have genuine intent of finding job in Sweden or looking into the possibility of setting up a business ?
  • be capable of financially supporting yourself ?
  • have a comprehensive health insurance?
  • have a passport valid for the entire period of your stay in Sweden?
  • be living outside of Sweden while applying ?

Academic Requirements for Sweden Job Seeker Visa

Sweden recognizes “advanced-level” degree if they are equivalent to Swedish qualifications, i.e.,

  • 60 credit Masters Degree?
  • 120 credit Masters Degree?
  • 60-330 credit professional degree, or ?
  • PhD level degree?

Documentation Requirement for Sweden Job Seeker Visa

To apply for Sweden Job Seeker Visa, you must gather and submit following documents at different stages:

  • Residency permit application form?
  • Passport copy including name and photograph, issuance and expiry date?
  • Digital copies of all the examination certificate/s?
  • Official transcript of all the academic record?
  • Bank statement as evidence of having sufficient funds, or any proof of having alternative income?
  • Proof of having comprehensive health insurance, covering both regular and emergency medical treatment, costs of hospitalization, dental procedures and other possible repatriation?
  • Consent letter for qualification verification to authorize the Swedish Council for Higher Education to verify all the qualifications submit with the application?

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