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How to Get Work Visa for Canada 2024?


Every year, more than 300,000 workers come to Canada to work on a Canadian work permit visa.

For workers from different countries, an employment offer from a Canadian company/employer is required before obtaining a temporary work permit visa by the Employment and Social Development Canada.

This entire process consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Employer has to apply for Labor Market Impact Assessment (if necessary).

Step 2: Employer extends a worker s temporary job offer.

Step 3: Worker applies for a Canada work permit.

Step 4: Work permit will be issued

Stepwise Process to Apply for Work Visa

Step 1: Employer has to apply for Labor Market Impact Assessment (if necessary)

Before issuing a Canada work permit visa, the Canadian employer has to apply for Labor Market Impact Assessment by ESDC, which will grant a positive LMIA, stating there is no availability of Canadian permanent citizen or citizen to do the particular job.

There are cases where work permits can be issued by without the LMIA requirement, like:

  • Under international agreements, like NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
  • In case of significant economic, cultural or social benefits that a work activity may bring to Canada
  • Canada and its provinces have come in accordance with other countries as a part of mutual agreements, like youth and teacher exchange programs, to allow international students to study in Canada and fulfill their academic requirements
  • To allow the common-law partners or spouses of Work Permit holders to work in Canada
  • In case of charitable or religious work
  • In the case of refugee claims

Step 2: Employer extends a worker s temporary job offer

Once Canadian officials grant the LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) is granted, the Canadian employer can give a temporary job offer to a foreign worker.

But, an employer is required to send a copy of the positive Labor Market Impact Assessment along with a detailed offer letter to the worker.

Step 3: Foreign worker has to apply for a Canada work permit

With the above-stated documents, a foreign worker can easily apply to ESDC for a Canadian Temporary Work Permit.

If the Canadian employer who is hiring is in Quebec province, the foreign worker also needs to obtain a Certificate d acceptation du Québec (CAQ).

In Quebec, there are a lot of professions that are eligible for and facilitated with streamlined processing. An employer doesn t need to perform local recruitment efforts in order to hire temporary foreign workers for open positions in Quebec.

Step 4: Work permit will be issued

A CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) officer will then issue the Canada Work Permit Visa at the entry point in Canada.

Need Work Permit in case of a valid Canada Job offer

In most of the cases, individuals who have a Canadian employer s job offer must obtain a Work Permit Visa to work in Canada.

A Canada Work Permit Visa is issued for from a few days to a few months or years. As explained above, the process of applying for a Work Permit Visa is twofold.

Firstly, the Canadian employer receives government permission for hiring outside Canada. After obtaining the permit, the designated employee has to apply for and receive his/her Work Permit.

To-do List for Obtaining a Work Permit Visa in Canada

  • Filling the online application

If you prefer to apply online, then you need 10-15 minutes for completing the questionnaire. Each question has to be answered completely before proceeding to the next one. Then you ll get available options on the basis of your answers.

There are certain visa programs that can be completed via an online application. If you are eligible, you ll receive a checklist code that is valid for 60 days.

The CIC site will ask this code to retrieve the complete documents list that you have to submit for visa application.

After the filling visa application, you have to pay the fee depending upon the country or region you live. You can visit the Visa office website for more information about fees, including the entire payment procedure.

  • Submit your application:

You can submit your work permit application for Canada after fee and document submission. Always remember, in case of missing documents, your application will be declined and returned.

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