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Is ECA Required for Spouse in Express Entry?


Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is an important document required to apply Canadian permanent residency through Federal Express Entry System. It is required to verify the qualifications of an applicant obtained outside Canada by comparing the same to Canadian Educational system. It helps to determines that the qualification of an applicant is equivalent to which Canadian academic degree or diploma, etc.

ECA is mandatory for Primary applicant

The Educational Credential Assessment is mandatory for the primary applicant in Express Entry System. Hence, husband or wife, whosoever is a primary applicant needs to provide the educational credential assessment while applying Canada PR through EE system.

Right Assessment of applicants’ educational qualification is essential to check whether or not he/she is capable of getting employed in relevant job and contribute in the local economy.

Not mandatory for Spouse, but advisable for gaining points

Although, ECA of your spouse is not mandatory if she is a secondary applicant, however, it is advised that you provide the same in order to earn some additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points in Express entry. The Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) allocate additional CRS points for the spouse’s credential if you have provided the same. The CRS score in express entry is very important for obtaining the Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC. In case, your CRS Score is not high enough (close to cut off marks), you will not get the Canada PR invitation from IRCC. Hence, if your CRS Score is low, you can always add the credentials of your spouse to increase the same to considerable extent.

Once your CRS score in express entry system has been increased, your chances of receiving invitation to apply (ITA) for Canadian Permanent residency (PR) from Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will certainly boost.

Lastly, the ECA is not mandatory for your Spouse if she is a secondary applicant; however, it is advisable that you obtain the same for your spouse’s education, to earn some valuable Canada immigration points or CRS points in Federal Express Entry System.


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