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Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) 2024

Canada is a country with several provinces and territories. All these provinces have played a vital role in the economy and development of Canada.

Most of the provinces in Canada have their own immigration program called, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). A PNP of every state comprises separate rules and process requirements.

Through a PNP, provinces in Canada invite the skilled and talented immigrants, who they find suitable for their labor market and economy.

How to Apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Program?

There are two pathways via which you can apply for a Canada PNP for your preferred province:

Apply directly to a PNP of a province:

You can directly apply under a Canada PNP of your preferred province where you wish to live and work permanently. You have to follow the following steps:

  • Select a province and apply under its Provincial Nominee Program
  • Your provincial nomination application will be reviewed and your profile will be scored on the basis of particular province s selection criteria
  • Upon selection, you ll get a nomination letter from the province
  • On the basis of the same nomination, you can apply for Canadian PR to IRCC

Apply through Express Entry system

You can register and submit your profile in the Express Entry pool so that different Canadian provinces can view and select your profile. If any of the provinces selects your profile, you will receive an invitation to apply for provincial nomination.

Check Your Eligibility for Canada PNP

Benefits of PNP Canada

If you apply in a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and that province select your profile for allocation of provincial nomination, it will make your way for obtaining permanent residency in Canada in two ways.

  • 600 CRS points in Express Entry

Most of the PNPs have one Express Entry alightned stream. If you apply in the Express Entry Stream of a PNP and get selected, you become eligible to get 600 extra CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points in Federal Express Entry system.

  • Pathway to apply Canada PR

If you apply in Occupation in Demand (OID) or other such streams of a Provincial Nominee Program and remain successful, you get the privilege to apply for PR Visa directly to IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Easiest Provincial Nominee Program to Get Canada PR in 2022

Every province has certain process requirements to follow. In which PNP you can get selected depends on your profile and how closely you meet the requirements of a Canada PNP.

Some popular PNPs in Canada are:

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) with its easy language requirements and no job offer need, remains one of the easiest PNPs to apply and obtain the provincial nomination.

Check Easiest PNP to Apply for Canada PR in Detail

How does the  Canada Provincial Nominee Program Work?

Every Provincial Nominee Program has a different set of process and eligibility requirements.

A PNP invites the applications from the skilled and talented people from overseas, under its different streams. As an applicant, you must confirm details and apply in a particular stream of a PNP. Now, wait for the ITA to apply for provincial nomination.

Once ITA is received, you submit the complete application for provincial nomination and if all verifications go fine, you get the same from that particular province.

In case of express entry stream, an applicant needs to have an account in the express entry system.

A province scans the profiles in express entry pool and accordingly invite most suitable candidates to apply in a particular PNP stream.

Which Provinces in Canada are Currently Inviting?

Well, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) launch their invitation rounds periodically. However, most of the time there is no set agenda or schedule set to invite the applicant on a particular day.

Check: Canada PNP Live Tracker

Seek Expert Assistance to apply in relevant Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

To know about the most relevant Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) 2022 and its opening date, you may get in touch with a genuine and registered Visa and immigration consultancy service for Canada immigration process.


What is a Canadian Provincial Nominee Program?

Each Canadian province, except Quebec and Nunavut, has several PNP streams designed by the provinces to fulfill their immigration needs. Thus, the eligibility requirements and application process vary. 

How many Canadian PNPs are there?

Each province and territory in Canada, except Quebec and Nunavut has different PNP streams. Altogether, there are over 80 different PNP streams.

Can I immigrate to Canada via a PNP without a prior job offer?

There are various PNP streams designed for those foreign nationals who doesn t have a prior job offer in hand from a Canadian employer. These PNP streams generally target applicants with right set of skills or work experience that can help the province meet its labour market needs and fulfill the demographic gaps.

Am I eligible for a Canadian PNP stream?

The eligibility criteria for a PNP vary from province to province. To find out if you qualify, you may fulfill our free profile assessment form.

What is the overall processing time for a PNP application?

It also varies from province to province, but it generally takes around 12-18 months to process the applications. 

How to improve my chances of obtaining a provincial nomination?

You can improve your chances of obtaining a provincial nomination by submitting your Express Entry profile. Provinces scan the Express Entry pool frequently and invite eligible profiles. Thus, you must ensure that your profile is strong and clearly indicates your interest in different provinces.

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