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Canada PR Visa Benefits 2024

If you have plans to relocate or move to a new destination, then Canada is one of the prime locations to settle down.

Its high standard of living, better growth opportunities, and premium healthcare and education system makes it top the list of immigration-friendly nations.

Boosting of a highly developed economy, there is an array of benefits of Canada PR. One of the most prominent reasons for choosing Canada as an immigrating country is its innumerable benefits that Canada offers to its PR visa holders.

The Canadian PR is a five-year visa, which provides benefits like, free education, free healthcare and right to study, live and work anywhere in Canada.

Under Canadian charter 6 of Rights and freedom, a permanent residency visa holder is also entitled to get protection against crime and is allowed to apply for Canadian citizenship after staying for two years in Canada.

Top 5 Canada PR Visa Benefits 2023

The Canadian government has built strong institutions and support systems to help all the immigrants settle down in Canada as a Permanent Resident.

The social system provides the required support a candidate needs to make his/her stay comfortable.

There are a lot of courses designed for those who don t have a job in order to help them develop new skills and start their professional journey.

  • Free Health Care and Education System

The social benefits Canada permanent resident status offers you includes free healthcare and education system.

As an immigrant, you don t need to worry about your medical expenditure and any kind of education loans, as these facilities are provided to you by the government of Canada.

  • Employment Opportunities

As an immigrant, you get an opportunity to grow professionally in every field, so that you can establish yourself in Canada.

In every sector including, IT, Administration, Managerial sectors, there is a friendly and collaborating working environment.

  • Lower Crime Rate And High Living Standards

Whenever you land in a new country as an immigrant, homesickness is a common reason to make you feel unsettled. But, Canada is a country which offers a homely feel and a safe and secure environment to live.

With its modernized infrastructure and affordable lifestyle, you get settled in Canada in no time.

The Ontario and Quebec are the two provinces which boast of the lowest crime rates in Canada. Moreover, the crime rate has further declined in Canada in the past few years in comparison to its neighboring country, the US.

  • Easy-to-follow immigration laws and policies

Other Canada PR benefits include its simple and easy-to-follow immigration laws and procedures in comparison to other countries.

Since Canada is keen to welcome skilled candidates, the IRCC ensures that the candidates don t face much problems during their visa and immigration proceedings.

  • Become a citizen of Canada

If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada and wish to apply for Canadian citizenship, then you have to reside in Canada for two years.

You need to take the test for Canadian Citizenship and once the test is cleared after the test is cleared, you can become a citizen of Canada and enjoy all the rights as of a Canadian citizen including the voting rights.

The above-stated benefits of PR in Canada contribute a lot towards making Canada one of the most desired destinations for aspiring immigrants around the globe.

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