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Canada PNP Live Tracker 2024- Which PNPs Are Currently Open?

The PNP Tracker is a great tool that allows users to find PNP streams that are suited for their skills and experience. You can apply a filter as per the province, occupation, job offer, Canadian study or work experience, etc.

You can also apply filters for all PNP streams between the ones that operate outside the Express Entry and the ones that are aligned with Express Entry.

You may drop us your queries and concerns via e-mail at info@canadapravenue.com and get the answers in a quick and simple manner from our consultants.

Find below the popular Canadian PNPs issuing invitations to apply provincial nomination:

Updated on 01-08-2023: 

28 July: Ontario held latest OINP draw for Entrepreneur stream to invite 11 candidates…. Read more
27 July: Manitoba held Occupation-specific and all-occupation draws of MPNP to issue 609 Letters of Advice (LAAs) to apply.
25 July: British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) opened draw on 25 July to invite nearly 230 candidates.
25 July: The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) invites 95 candidates in new draw for French-speaking skilled worker stream.
22 July: Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) held immigration draws held on 11 and 13 July, invited 292 candidates.
20 July: The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) held a draw on 20 July to issue 106 ITAs (Invitations to Apply).
20 July: The Manitoba PNP opened draw for Skilled Worker Overseas stream to invite 595 candidates.
20 July: Ontario opened immigration draw for OINP- Express Entry HCP stream to issue total 1,061 Notifications.
20 July: Canadian province Quebec issued 1,633 invitations to apply for permanent selection in latest Arrima draw.
18 July: British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) held Immigration draws on 18 July to invite total 172 candidates.
13 July: The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) conducted latest MPNP draw on 13 July to issue 540 Letters of Advice.
11 July: Latest draw of British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) issued nearly 207 ITAs in new General and targeted draws.
10 July: In the latest Arrima draw held on 29 June (results released on 10 July), Quebec issued 1,218 invitations.
6 July: Ontario conducted latest draw for Express Entry HCP Stream to issue 748 NOIs to apply for provincial nominations.
5 July: In latest BC PNP draws, British Columbia issued 137 ITAs (Invitations to Apply) for provincial nomination.
4 July: Canadian province Alberta posted the details of AAIP draws held on 29 June & 4 July wherein 77 candidates received NOIs.
29 June: In the latest Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) draw, Prince Edward Island issued 90 ITAs.
27 June: British Columbia PNP conducted general & targeted draws to invite about 185 candidates to apply for provincial nomination.
29 June: In the new draw of MPNP, Manitoba issued 587 Letters of Advice (LAAs) to apply for provincial nomination.
29 June: Quebec, Canada posted the results of new Arrima draw, wherein Quebec issued 1,006 ITAs (Invitations to Apply).
26 June: In the Special Immigration Measure draw of Manitoba PNP on 26 June 2023, Manitoba invited 49 Ukrainian candidaets.
22 June: Alberta, Canada invited 212 candidates the AAIP draws held on 20, 21, 22 June 2023.
23 June: New Brunswick posted its May 2023 draw results, wherein the province invited 93 candidates in May month.
20 June: The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) issued about 149 invitations in new targeted draws.
20 June: In the latest draw of Ontario PNP draw for EJO- In demand and Foreign worker stream, Ontario invited 1,000 candidates.
15 June: Latest draw of Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) on 15 June 2023 issued 122 Invitations.
15 June: Three different OINP draws opened on 6 June 2023. Issued 1,760 ITAs for EJO and Master/PhD Graduate streams.
15 June: Manitoba held occupation-specific and all occupation draws to of Manitoba PNP. Issued total 540 Letters of Advice.
15 June: Province of Alberta released results of May and June AAIP draws. Issued total 594 Notifications of interest in 7 AAIP draws.
13 June: The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) conducted immigration draws on 13 June to issue total 211 ITAs.
8 June: Saskatchewan PNP invited 500 candidates in latest ISW category draw of SINP opened on 8 June 2023.
6 June: British Columbia opened new immigration on 6 June 2023 to issue nearly 162 invitations to apply.
5 June: Ontario conducted new draw for Express Entry- French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream to invite 417 candidates.
1 June: The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) held occupation-specific & regular draws to issue total 589 LAAs.

10 March: Ontario invites 815 IT professionals in the latest Ontario-HCP stream draw of Ontario PNP…
9 March: Manitoba opened two separate draws of MPNP on 9 March to invite total 597 immigration candidates.
8-9 March: Ontario held the HCP stream draw to invite 822 candidates with experience in Health occupations….
7 March: Latest BC PNP general and targeted draws occurred on 7 March. In the draw, British Columbia invites 274 candidates.
7 March: PEI PNP draw occurred on 2nd March to invite 46 candidates under Labour and Express Entry stream
3 March: AAIP has issued NOIs to 100 candidates in the latest Alberta PNP draw results revealed for the 16 Feb draw.
1 March: Federal Express Entry System issued 667 ITAs to PNP candidates in the latest EE draw held on 1 March 2023.
28 February: British Columbia PNP invites 169 candidates in the latest targeted draws of BC PNP
24 February: Manitoba opened two draws of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) on 23 and 24 February…
22 February: British Columbia held the draw of BC PNP on 22 February to invite 246 candidates under various categories of BC PNP
16 February: The monthly draw of Prince Edward Island PNP opened on February 16 to invite candidates….
16 February: Saskatchewan invited 421 candidates in the latest SINP draw held for key subcategories of ISW category.
15 February: In the latest EE draw, Express Entry has invited 699 PNP candidates on 15 February 2023.
14 February: British Columbia opened targeted draws of BC PNP to issues 237 invitations this time around.
10 February: Ontario opened 2 OINP draws for key OINP streams, i.e. skilled trades and foreign worker stream to invite total 771 candidates.
9 February: Ontario held the draw for Skilled trades stream of OINP to issue 510 Notifications of interest.
9 February: Manitoba PNP draw took place on 9 February 2023 to issue 308 Letters of Advice (LAAs).
7 February: British Columbia Provincial Nominee program (BC PNP) draw opened on 7 Feb to issue 245 ITAs.
2 February: Ontario province of Canada held two HCP stream draws of OINP on 2nd February 2023 to issue 1,902 NOIs….
2 February: Alberta PNP of Canada released the details of 2 AAIP draws held on 19 and 23 January 2023, wherein 200 candidates received NOIs.
1 February: The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) opened Express Entry draw on 1 February 2023 to invite PNP candidates.

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With an array of PNP streams, categories, and programs to monitor, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) options even for those applicants who regularly follow the Provincial Nominee Program updates and news.

Each territory or province has specific criteria for selection for every stream to select the right applicant to apply for a provincial nomination.

Here comes the role of Canada PR Avenue, which is constantly updating the Canada PNP live tracker highlighting the latest status on all the PNP streams and categories.

You may visit regularly to get your hands on the Canada PNP latest news and updates as and when they happen.

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