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How to Get Job in Canada from India 2024?

If you are wondering why so many young and skilled people move to Canada every year, the answer is there with you.

India is known for producing the vast number of competent and talented job-ready professionals every year, whereas Canada is facing the scarcity with regards to the same.

Hence, it’s obvious that jobs in Canada for Indians are there for the taking, especially, if you have excellent profile features in terms of qualification, work experience, English language proficiency, etc. however, obtaining the PR visa in Canada first can really help your cause of finding job in the maple leaf country. Find out how.

How Canada Permanent Residency helps in Obtaining job offer?

First of all, you need to get the approval for permanent residency by applying in the key immigration programs, such as express entry system, provincial nominee programs, etc.

These two programs provide online point based system to apply for Canada permanent residency and obtain the same through a stepwise process.

The Federal Express Entry system, in particular, is the most popular and fastest way of applying PR in Canada.It claims to process the application within six months.

Now once, you have got the Canada PR visa from immigration office, it remains valid for nearly one year, which means, you need to land in Canada within this period, else, the visa approval will expire.

The twelve months period is more than enough to explore the right job matching your profile and apply for the same to acquire the employment offer from Canada.

Your PR status will be positive for you while you are applying for available vacancies in Canada.

The employers in Canada need to provide the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) documents to ESDC to convince them that no Canadian was overlooked while hiring a professional from outside Canada.

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However, if you already have Canada PR status, ready, you will be considered as Canadian only, and hence, employers will have no hesitation in hiring you as you are a Canadian, who is about to land in Canada on permanent residence (PR) Visa.

Now, once you have got the Canada PR visa approval, you can consider below points which explains to you how to apply for a job in Canada from overseas.


How to Get a Job in Canada from India?

Well, the standard process to find a job be it in your home country or any other country remains the same in terms of collecting necessary documents to apply for jobs, making all-out efforts, searching for right channels to find jobs, and applying in the available vacancies, etc.

  • Prepare a Resume and Cover letter

The resume and cover letter are the documents, which makes the first impression on the employer about your personality as a professional and your candidature, as to where you stand compared to others.

Hence, you need to pay much more attention to preparing these documents. Though the process may be the same to find the job, however, the documents like resume and cover letter may be the difference in different countries, based on the job market, employers and corporate trend in a particular country or city.

Hence, make sure your resume matches the expectations of local employers and organizations.

  • Job Bank Account

It’s the best way to apply for jobs in Canada, as you can use this method while applying permanent residency through a federal express entry system.

In the Express Entry system, you get the option to create the account on job bank. The Job Bank is a job website run by Employment and Social Development Canada. It offers an online database of job listings in Canada.

Moreover, it also offers other job-related services and valuable information for recruiters and job seekers, such as resume building, career planning, job matching, and notifications, etc.

  • Contact Recruitment Consultants

There are various recruitment consultants in Canada that make it easy to apply and find jobs in Canada for Indian graduates or skilled professionals. You may contact them to apply in the available vacancies and obtain an employment offer.

  • Job Websites

The popular job websites, i.e. indeed.com, monstor.com, etc. deals in international recruitments in Canada by listing the available jobs on their sites and providing options to apply.

  • Use LinkedIn Profile

You can use your LinkedIn profile to know about the available jobs in Canada- the maple leaf country. Contact and add the employers in the maple leaf country in your LinkedIn profile and hence, confirm the available jobs and present yourself as the right candidate.

  • Canadian News Papers

Canadian newspaper often lists the available job vacancies across different provinces and territories in Canada.

All you need to do is explore the relevant News Papers and magazines to find out available jobs in Canada and apply for the same.

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Apply for Permanent Residency in Canada as the First step- it’s the best time to apply Canada PR

It’s the best time to apply Canada PR this year, the government will accept near about 3, 30,000 permanent residents in the country as per the annual immigration target.

At this time, there are easy PR process requirements, moreover, the government is offering the support to the newcomers in finding the job and integrate in Canada without any hassles.

The government also plans to allocate the fund of $10 million to help newcomers find the job in Canada.

Hence, it’s the high time to put your plan into action this year and apply for PR in Canada from India. So, get in touch with a certified Canada immigration expert today, to prepare your immigration file for the best immigration program, i.e. express entry, PNP, etc. and apply for PR visa.

You may coordinate with qualified Canadian immigration professionals at Canada PR Avenue for comprehensive support and assistance in the process.

To confirm the eligibility requirements and start the PR process, you may get in touch with our Canada immigration expert by sending an email at e-mail id- info@canadapravenue.com.  Alternatively, fill the free assessment form to receive the call back from the expert.


Disclaimer:- Canadapravenue.com does not offer consultancy on overseas jobs/work permits/international or domestic placements.  


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