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Express Entry System for Canada Immigration


Express Entry System is the fastest immigration system of Canada that provides the pathway to obtain Canada permanent residency to the successful applicants. It was launched by IRCC (then CIC) in January 2015 to invite the skilled and talented skilled workers from overseas to meet the labor market demands in Canada. The purpose of express entry was also to speed up the economic immigration process of Canada.

Express entry is an online and point-based system based, which has three main categories, i.e.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

As a skilled worker from overseas with no Canadian experience, you need to apply under the 1st category, i.e. Federal Skilled Worker Program and obtain a minimum 67 points based on Six selection factors of Express Entry, i.e.

  • Education,
  • Age,
  • Work experience,
  • Language skills,
  • Adaptability
  • Arranged Employment

Once you scored minimum required points, you will move to the next level, i.e. Express entry pool, wherein your profile will again be evaluated based on the same factors and you will get a point score based on a point system called CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System).


What is a CRS Score in Canada Express entry?

The total point you accumulated in Express Entry pool based on the key selection factors, i.e. age, education, language skills, experience, etc. is called your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Score.

The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) launch a draw every 15 days (usually), to select applicants with top CRS score. It also announces the cut off marks for every draw and issues ITA (Invitation to Apply) to the candidates achieving the same.

What are the Documents Required for Canadian Express Entry 2023?

The Express Entry requirements can be divided in two parts based on the point of time of these requirements, i.e.

  • Requirement to create a profile in express entry
  • Requirements once ITA is received

Let’s find more details about both these requirements.

  • Requirement to create the profile in the express entry

To register a profile in online express entry system you need two key documents, i.e.

  • IELTS test to prove your English proficiency level (minimum CLB 7) or you can provide an authorized test result for proficiency in the French language
  • ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) from a recognized assessing authority by IRCC, Canada
  • Requirements once ITA is received

Here are the few key documents, which are required once you have created the profile and received ITA (Invitation to Apply) for Canada PR from IRCC:

  • Medical certificate
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate (if any)
  • Passport and other travel documents (along with copies)
  • work experience letter (Letter of Recommendation)
  • Proof of funds (for FSW stream), etc.

What is the Timeline for an Canada Express Entry Program 2022?

Well, the timeline for all express entry applications cannot be generalized as it depends on the factors as to how appropriate an applicant has submitted the application, attached documents, how genuine the background verification found, how quickly you responded to a query/clarification asked by immigration office, etc.

However, once you have received ITA, express entry claims to process your application within 6 months in ideal cases. Time taken for receiving ITA is not calculated in these six months, as receipt of ITA depends on your point score, i.e. CRS score in Canada express entry System.

Apply in Canada Express Entry System through the expert

If you wish to apply for permanent residency in Canada this year, through popular and fastest Express Entry System for Canada Immigration, you may get in touch with a registered Canadian Immigration Consultant for complete process assistance from start till end.

Also, keep visiting Canada PR Avenue website for latest Express Entry news, rule changes 2022 and updates with regards to latest express entry draw and other key announcements.   

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