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What is the Difference Between Canadian PR and Citizenship?


Today, the majority of people across the globe, aspire to become citizens of their preferred countries for immigration and permanent residency. This way, they can avail the privileges and rights of being a citizen that includes the right to vote. Canada is the first choice for every immigration aspirant, being an industrialized nation with endless opportunities. If you are one among the aspirants of Canadian citizenship, you must know the first step to be the same.

Let’s find out how to start the process to become a citizen of the maple leaf country.

What is the First Step to become a Citizen of Canada?

Well, the first step to becoming a Canadian citizen is to get permanent residency status via a relevant immigration program, i.e. Federal Express Entry System, PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), etc. Permanent residency status provides you several rights and privileges similar to a citizen of Canada. In Canada, immigrants have to go through a process and fulfill certain requirements to attain Canadian PR and citizenship.

Many people come to Canada as permanent residents through economic immigration programs, and later on, they apply for citizenship. The interested candidates can apply PR from their home country. The essential aspect of being a Canadian PR applicant is that you have to submit an application and prove that you meet the criteria of a particular PR program.

How a Canadian Permanent Resident can become Canadian citizen?

After staying in Canada as a permanent resident for minimum 1,095 days out of the 5 years, you can apply for Citizenship in Canada. If your application gets accepted, you have to undergo a test and an interview. Once you pass the test and interview, you take the Canadian citizenship oath.

  • While to get citizenship in Canada, you also need to follow strict guidelines, i.e.
  • You should have a permanent resident status and minimum 18 years of age.
  • As a permanent resident, you should live for a minimum term of three to four years,
  • You must be well-versed in English or French language,
  • Must have a clean criminal record and proper documentation.

What is the difference between Canadian PR & Citizenship?

If we talk about the difference between PR and citizenship in Canada, we can say that a landed immigrant with a permanent residency visa is not a Canadian citizen. Every year, the country provides Canada Permanent Resident Card to over 200,000 people with a right to work and petition for immediate relatives like spouses and unmarried children.


Benefits of Canadian Permanent Residency

As a permanent resident, you get several rights and benefits, i.e.

  • right to live, study and work anywhere in Canada
  • You get access to social benefits, including health care coverage
  • You can also enjoy the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms and Canadian law and
  • Right to apply for Canadian citizenship.

To add further, a permanent resident remains citizens of his/her home country. This comes with both advantages as well as disadvantages. If you are planning to be in Canada temporarily, a Permanent resident card is definitely a better option.

Privileges of Canadian Citizenship

Unlike Canadian citizens, permanent residents do not have certain rights and privileges, such as,

  • Right to vote,
  • Run public office,
  • join the military or some specific defense jobs
  • PRs are also subject to deportation.

Also, a disadvantage of being a PR is that if you are out of the country for over a year, your PR status will be revoked. Additionally, you don t get a Canadian passport, you can travel outside the country on a valid PR card or PRTD (Permanent Resident Travel Document) and your home country passport.

Seek Professional Assistance to Apply Canada PR?

If you are also exploring the options to become permanent resident or citizen of Canada, you can seek information along with inclusive assistance and support from certified immigration experts or consultants about the ins and outs of applying for a Visa. An expert provides the answers to all your immigration-related questions and queries and guides you in the whole Canada immigration process right from start till approval of the visa.


Why Help & Guidance of a Consultant is Essential to Immigrate to Canada?

With constantly changing immigration laws and legislative framework, you need to submit legal paperwork and follow guidelines and procedures in accordance with the immigration service of Canada. An immigration consultant performs these tasks day in and day out and they know what it takes to get the application right the very first time.

Canada PR Avenue is a well-established and registered immigration consulting firm that assists the interested applicants in obtaining skills and family PR visas to immigrate to Canada and eventually attain Canadian citizenship.

You may contact Immigration expert at Canada PR Avenue on 9811303748. Moreover, to get your eligibility checked and subsequently, receive a call from the expert, you may fill the free assessment form.

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