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Easiest Way to Immigrate to Canada 2024

Between 2022 to 2024, the Canadian government will welcome more than 1.3 million newcomers as permanent residents! There are various pathways to move to Canada and obtain a permanent residence visa.

Before moving to Canada, it is essential to determine which immigration pathway is ideal for you. The choice entirely depends on the candidate s intentions. Are they planning to move to Canada permanently? Or are they coming to work temporarily, visiting family or friends, or studying? 

Easiest Ways to Immigrate to Canada in 2023

The easiest way to move to Canada depends on a candidate s profile or connections with Canada. With Canadian immigration targeting to issue higher than ever invitations, now is the right time to begin your immigration journey.

Is it easy to get a PR in Canada?

Compared to most other countries, yes. Canada runs multiple Federal and state-run immigration programs to invite prospective immigrants to its shore. Programs like the Express Entry program, the Quebec immigration program, the provincial nomination programs, etc make the process of immigration quite streamlined.


Express Entry-The Easiest Route to Canada

Out of all these (among others) programs, the best way to enter Canada is undoubtedly the Express entry.  Since its establishment in 2015, the express entry has helped thousands of immigration hopefuls obtain permanent residency in Canada.

As the name suggests, it is a fast track to live in Canada as a permanent resident.  For a candidate to be eligible for express entry, the candidate must satisfy the criteria under one of its three programs:-

Federal Skilled Worker Program

For the skilled worker from a foreign country looking to move to Canada. The Federal Skilled Worker Program judges the applicant on a 100 point system where the applicant has to attain at least 67 marks to qualify.Many factors are judged in this system, such as education, work experience, age etc. 

Calculates your Canada PR Points(67 Points Calculator)

Federal Skilled Trades Program

FSTP is for tradespersons with experience who wish to work their trade in Canada.

Canadian Experience Class

Any applicant for the Canadian PR who has at least 1 year of experience of working in Canada can apply through the CEC.

Applicants are then assigned a score out of 1200 based on their credentials. This is called the Comprehensive Ranking System score or the CRS score.

This score ranks the applicants for the express entry system, with the higher score getting the Invitation to apply earlier.

Express Entry Draws are held twice every month to determine a minimum cut off the score with applicants with scores higher than this cut off invited to apply for immigration.

Express entry is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada. On average, it only takes about 6 to 7 months to receive Permanent residency through one of the programs under the express entry.

Apart from Express Entry, a program like Provincial Nominee (PNP) is also considered as a quite easy and quick pathway to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident through Provincial Nomination.

Let s discuss the PNP pathway in detail!

Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Each Canadian province, which is Canada s PNP has its own immigration programs, streams and eligibility requirements to select candidates, like skilled workers, high-skilled workers, investors, or students.

The Canadian provinces and territories that take part in PNP have approximately 70+ streams and gives you 600 additional points on obtaining a Provincial Nomination towards your overall Comprehensive Ranking System score.

With such a huge number of additional points, you get a guarantee to obtain an Invitation to Apply in the upcoming Express Entry draw. Canadian provinces and territories, which are a part of Canada s Provincial Nominee Program includes:

In order to apply for any PNP stream, you have to follow a step-by-step process and must meet the specific eligibility requirements.

Apply and complete your provincial nomination process for a Province or Territory of your choice where you desire to settle down in Canada.

You may follow the below-listed steps to Apply for Canada PR through PNP:

  • You must gather all the documents and apply to a PNP directly
  • Choose a province where you wish to settle down and apply in its PNP
  • Submit your completed application along with relevant documents
  • Your application will be evaluated on the basis of selection factors and eligibility requirements
  • If selected, you will receive your Provincial Nomination Certificate from the province/territory
  • On the basis of your nomination, you can apply for Canada s Permanent Residency to IRCC

These are the two easiest pathways through which a skilled worker can immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident within 6-12 months time.

Are you willing to apply for Canada PR via any of the above-explained pathways? Connect with Canada PR Avenue today!

For a  well-prepared applicant, Express entry provides a highway straight to their dream destination in Canada. To perfectly prepare your case file for express entry or PNP, you can contact a team of visa and immigration advisors at Canada PR Avenue by dropping an email at info@canadapravenue.com with your details, requirements, and objectives.

Alternatively, you can also fill in our free visa assessment form and get a call back from one of our representatives.

The easiest way to move to Canada depends on a candidate s profile or connections with Canada. With Canadian immigration targeting to issue higher than ever invitations, now is the right time to begin your immigration journey.?



Which are the best Canada immigration options for Indian nationals?

Canada immigration system allows skilled Indian workers to apply directly for PR visa via Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker program and various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

What is a Federal Skilled Worker Program under Express Entry?

The Federal Skilled Worker program is ideal for those who have a minimum of one year of skilled work experience gained in the past 10 years. It is a competitive program and uses the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to award scores to all the applicants. 

Use our free CRS Calculator to calculate your Comprehensive Ranking System.

What are Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)?

PNPs are a popular option to apply for Canada PR visa for those who don t score enough CRS points to receive an ITA via Express Entry draw.

How to apply for Canada PR through Express Entry?

To apply via Express Entry, you must submit your profile for which you need following language test results, a valid passport or travel document and educational credential assessment (ECA) report.

What is the processing time for Express Entry?

Express Entry takes around 8 to 12 months, from gathering documents, creating and submitting your Express Entry profile to issuance of your PR visa. 

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