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Top 10 Immigration Consultants in India for Canada PR

Why Choose Canada PR Avenue as your in Top 10 Immigration Consultants In India??

  • We are associated with the registered ICCRC members
  • With a team of over 100 client Service managers and migration advisors
  • We help you achieve your immigration goals across India and overseas
  • We have Visa Consultancy offices all over India (New Delhi, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai)
  • We have a success rate of over 95 % for obtaining PR visa approvals for our clients
  • We deal in various Canadian immigration programs such as Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program, Spouse Visa, Study & Visit Visa, Startup Visa, etc

We are one of India s leading immigration consultancy firms and specialize in offering customized immigration solutions to skilled professionals, families, entrepreneurs, students, and travellers looking for Canadian immigration pathways.

Our Key Immigration Consultancy Services:-

  • Pre-assessment of the application
  • Calculation of Immigration Point score
  • Documentation assistance
  • English/French Language coaching (i.e. IELTS/PTE/TCF coaching)
  • Visa Application filing
  • Overseas Admissions
  • Application follow up with the Immigration Office
  • English/French Language coaching

About Canada PR Avenue

Canada PR Avenue is owned and managed by Visas Avenue- one of India s top and accredited Immigration Consultancy companies.

Canada PR Avenue offers complete immigration assistance to everyone applying for a Canadian permanent residence visa, startup visa, spousal visa, student visa, visitor visa, etc. The team of certified immigration experts offer a wide range of personalized consultancy services to every client. The client servicing team focuses on answering all the queries in real-time and provides up-to-date information and guidance regarding visa rule changes, eligibility requirements, etc.

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About Our Team

Canada PR Avenue is widely considered one of India s most well-respected immigration consultancy firms. The company specializes in properly advising and guiding all foreign nationals in their Canadian immigration application, whether permanent residents or temporary, like international students or visitors.

We are associated with the registered ICCRC and MARA members to offer genuine and trusted advice and assistance to applicants seeking a visa abroad.

At Canada PR Avenue, we have a team of over 100 client Service managers and immigration advisors who assist people achieve their immigration goals in Pan India. The team never treat its clients with respect and dignity by offering them one-on-one guidance and personalized services. They take great pride in providing every client an exceptional consultancy service, ensuring fair treatment at every stage, and promising the highest chances of visa approval.

For more information, contact us https://www.canadapravenue.com/contact_us.php

  1. Advantages of hiring Canada PR Avenue

Knowledge & CredibilityWith years of experience helping thousands of aspiring individuals and families with their Canadian immigration process, we have a reputation for offering personalized services to all our clients, whether in-person, via email or over the phone.

  1. Trustworthiness

With noteworthy fraud in the Canadian immigration industry, our team is authorized to offer advice and guidance, including drafting documents, visa follow-up on the client s behalf and more.

  1. Efficient Application Processing

Many aspiring immigrants choose to work with Canada PR Avenue for its easy-to-follow process. The team provide step-by-step guidance and help clients navigate the immigration process without much hassle.

  1. Free Online Assessment

We offer free profile assessment tools online and help the clients easily choose a suitable Canadian immigration program.

Our Philosophy

Work hard to achieve the best possible Canadian immigration results for the clients!

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Please email us at info@canadaravenue.com or fill out our assessment form

Our Services- We deal in all Canadian Federal and PNP Programs

As a Canadian Immigration Consultancy Firm, Canada PR Avenue deals in various Canadian immigration pathways.

Express Entry System

Express Entry is Canada s key immigration system, which is designed to accept Permanent Residence applications from foreign nationals under key economic programs, including Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FST), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC) programs.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Canada s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are the second most popular pathway to permanent residence for those willing to migrate to any particular Canadian province or territory. Each province and territory operates its immigration program and runs several PNP streams to meet their specific demographic and economic needs.

Business Immigration Program

Through Business Immigration, Canada aims to encourage and facilitate the admission of entrepreneurs at both federal and provincial/territorial levels to help immigrant entrepreneurs set up a business in Canada.

Family Sponsorship Program

Canada s Family Sponsorship Program aims at reuniting families by enabling Canada s permanent residents and citizens to sponsor their family members for immigration to Canada. The person can sponsor their spouse or common-law/conjugal partner, dependent children, parents and grandparents and certain relatives.

Student Visa Program

Canada s study permit is a document that is issued to those foreign nationals who are enrolled at designated learning institutions (DLIs) in Canada. With a study permit, you can live and study in Canada until completing your study program and work part-time on or off-campus.

For more information, visit https://www.canadapravenue.com/our-services/

Top 10 benefits of obtaining a Canada PR Visa

  1. Right to Live and Work in Canada
  2. Strong & stable economy
  3. Plethora of job opportunities
  4. Free public education for children 
  5. Affordable cost of living
  6. High quality of life
  7. Cultural Diversity
  8. Universal healthcare facilities
  9. Multicultural nation
  10. Safe surroundings

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