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What is the Validity of Express Entry Profile?


Canada Express Entry system is one of the most popular immigration program of the world. It’s a point based system that has won praises all over the planet for being the fast, specific and organized program for allocating permanent residency to the skilled worker from overseas countries. This is perhaps the fastest program that allocate Permanent residency in advanced nations.

However the EE System has some limitations as well. Hence, as an applicant you must know these limitations and progress ahead accordingly. One of these limitations or conditions express entry has is the validity of express entry profile. Let’s find out more about the same.

How long is express entry profile is valid?

An applicant looking to apply permanent residency in Canada, need to register his profile in the online express entry and enter all necessary information as asked by the system, i.e. age, education, work experience, language skills, etc. since express entry is a point based system, the applicant get point for all these factors.

The IRCC (Immigration Refugees and citizenship Canada) review the information entered by the client and accordingly allocate a point score to the applicant. There is two staged point criteria applicable in express entry, i.e.

The foreign skilled workers need to register their profile selecting Federal skilled worker program (FSWP). To qualify in the first stage, applicant need to score minimum 67 points out of 100 based on all the given profile factors.

  • CRS Score Criteria

This is the second stage point’s parameter in express entry. Once, you have scored passing marks in Federal Skilled worker (FSW), you will enter the second stage, i.e. Express Entry Pool. Now, in Express Entry pool, your points for key selection factors will be calculated out of total 1200 points based on Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) . Your CRS point score can be anything between 1-1200 points. The IRCC will launch a draw called Express Entry draw every 15 days to select the top scoring candidates. The cut off marks are announced for every express entry draw. The applicants, with CRS score equal to or above the announced cut off marks get the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR from IRCC.


What if you don’t get ITA throughout the year?

Sometimes applicants has a low CRS score, hence, they couldn’t get the ITA from IRCC. Since your express entry profile is valid for 12 months, if you don’t get the Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC within 12 months, your profile in express entry will be expired. In such case, you have to create a new express entry profile entering your latest credentials. This profile will again be valid for next one year.

What are the alternates to get ITA from IRCC?

If it’s taking too long to get ITA in express entry, you must look out for other options to obtain the same, i.e.

You may coordinate with a trusted Canadian immigration consultant to work towards these options and obtain the Canada PR even with low CRS Score. You may also send your queries and questions in this regard to our Canada immigration expert at info@canadapravenue.com.

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