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Ontario PNP Points Calculator for Express Entry HCP Stream 2024


Ontario province of Canada is the first choice of immigrants planning to move to Canada on PR Visa. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) provides the pathway for immigrants to apply for provincial nomination to get PR in Ontario, Canada. Express Entry- HCP stream of OINP is largely popular among the immigrants.

The applicants who wish to apply in Express Entry- HCP stream of OINP, need to have an account in Express Entry System. Ontario Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream follows the criteria of two main categories of the federal express entry system, i.e. FSW and CEC. Since it’s an express entry aligned stream, Ontario PNP Points Calculator 2022, is also the same as FSW points grid of Federal Express Entry System.

Find below the six selection factors of the FSWP category:

Selection Factor Points
Education Maximum 25 points
Ability in English and/or French Maximum 28 points
Experience Maximum 15 points
Age Maximum 12 points
Arranged employment in Canada Maximum 10 points
Adaptability Maximum 10 points
Total Maximum 100 points
Pass mark 67 points


If you are able to score the minimum 67 points on the above Ontario PNP Points Calculator 2022 and also meet other basic criteria of the OINP stream, you are eligible to apply in OINP- express entry-HCP stream.


The minimum CRS score of 400 points in the express entry was also the criteria earlier, which has recently been changed, as part of OINP immigration rule changes 2022.

Ontario PNP latest rules change 2023

Ontario government has recently announced the key changes in the minimum CRS score rule for OINP- Human Capital priorities (HCP) Stream. Earlier candidates were required to score a minimum 400 CRS points in express entry system, however, now the minimum CRS score will be decided by the Director only.

Ontario PNP Processing Time in 2023

Find below the average processing time for OINP applications:

Estimated OINP Processing Times of all streams (updated on September 13, 2018)
OINP Stream OINP is processing applications submitted and paid for between the following dates: Estimated processing time
Ontario s Express Entry French Speaking Skilled Worker Stream March 22, 2018 and September 13, 2018 inclusive 60 to 90 days*
Ontario s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream April 8, 2018 and September 12, 2018 inclusive 90 to 120 days*
Ontario s Express Entry Skilled Trades Stream January 19, 2018 and September 7, 2018 inclusive 30 to 60 days*
Masters Graduate Stream April 18, 2018 and April 19, 2018 inclusive 60 to 90 days*
PhD Graduate Stream April 19, 2018 and September 12, 2018 inclusive 60 to 90 days*
Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker, International Student and In Demand Skills streams February 4, 2018 and September 13, 2018 inclusive 60 to 90 days*
Entrepreneur Stream Applications are assessed on a case by case basis Dependent upon the complexity of the application
Corporate Stream Applications are assessed on a case by case basis Dependent upon the complexity of the application


How to Apply in Ontario PNP 2023?

Find below the stepwise process to apply in the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream of OINP (Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program):

  • Register the profile in Express Entry System

The first step would be to create a profile in the federal express entry stream. You must show interest in immigration to Ontario or ‘All Provinces and Territories’ while creating a profile. Qualify for one of the key economic immigration programs of the Express entry, i.e. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) category or Canadian Experience Class (CEC) category.

  • OINP will search and notify you in Express entry pool

OINP regularly explore the express entry pool to search the suitable applicants. If your profile found eligible as per the Human capital priorities stream, you will get Notification of Interest (NOI) from OINP in your express entry account, inviting you to apply in HCP stream of OINP.

  • Apply in OINP HCP stream

Once you have received the NOI from OINP, you will have 45 calendar days to apply in HCP stream of OINP. Submit your application through OINP e-filing portal submitting all essential documents. Pay the application fee for OINP application.

  • Accept the nomination from OINP get additional 600 CRS points

If your application is approved by OINP, you will get the nomination from the Ontario government. You will get 30 days to accept the nomination in your express entry account from Ontario. The nomination from the province of Ontario will give you an additional 600 CRS points in the express entry. Additional CRS points will make you eligible to receive ITA (Invitation to Apply) from IRCC in the very next express entry draw. Now, submit your application for Canadian PR to IRCC. 


You may get assistance from registered Canadian migration agent to present your application in OINP and later to IRCC for Canadian Permanent residency. In case you need any clarification or want to confirm your eligibility for OINP- Express entry stream based on the above Ontario Immigration Point calculator 2022, you may send an email to our expert at info@canadapravenue.com.

Also visit the website Canada PR Avenue regularly to know the latest ONIP and express entry immigration news, rules and updates to follow the same.

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