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New TEER System of Canada 2024

The year 2023 marks a new era for Canada s immigration system. The new TEER System, launched by Canadapravenue, promises to revolutionize the way people apply for Canada PR Visa. With the introduction of this new system, applicants can now expect faster and more efficient processing times, making it easier for them to achieve their dream of obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residency.What is the new TEER System of Canada 2023?

The new TEER System, or the Temporary Entry and Express Entry for Residence System, is a new and improved system designed to streamline Canada s immigration process. The system aims to make the application process faster, more efficient, and more accessible to those who wish to immigrate to Canada. By introducing this system, Canadapravenue hopes to attract more skilled immigrants to Canada, boosting the country s economy and workforce.

What are the benefits of the new TEER System?

The new TEER System offers several benefits to applicants looking to immigrate to Canada. These benefits include:

1. Faster processing times: The new system promises to process applications faster than the previous system, allowing applicants to receive their Canada PR Visa faster.

2. Improved application process: The application process has been simplified and made more user-friendly, making it easier for applicants to apply for Canada PR Visa.

3. Increased accessibility: The new system is accessible to more applicants, including those who may not have been eligible under the previous system.

4. More options for applicants: The new system offers more options for applicants, including the ability to apply for a work permit while waiting for their Canada PR Visa to be processed.

How does the new TEER System work?

The new TEER System works by dividing the Canada PR Visa application process into two parts: the Temporary Entry and the Express Entry for Residence. The Temporary Entry process allows applicants to come to Canada on a temporary basis while their Canada PR Visa application is being processed. This allows applicants to work and live in Canada while waiting for their Canada PR Visa to be approved.

The Express Entry for Residence process is for those who wish to apply for Canada PR Visa directly. This process is designed for skilled workers who meet the eligibility criteria for the Canada PR Visa. Applicants are assessed based on their education, work experience, language proficiency, and other factors. Those who meet the eligibility criteria are then entered into the Express Entry pool, where they are ranked based on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. The highest-ranked applicants are then invited to apply for Canada PR Visa.


The new TEER System of Canada 2023 is a game-changer for Canada s immigration system. With its promise of faster processing times, improved application process, increased accessibility, and more options for applicants, the new system is sure to attract more skilled immigrants to Canada. If you are looking to immigrate to Canada, consider applying through the new TEER System and take the first step towards achieving your dream of Canadian Permanent Residency.

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