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Express Entry Next Draw Prediction 2023

Every year tens of thousands of skilled professionals register on Canada Express entry immigration system and submit their Expression of Interest (EOI) for the Canadian PR.

Quite evidently, the result of EE draw as well as the Express Entry next draw date prediction is always a reason for huge curiosity among them.

Generally, federal government conducts Express Entry invitation round in every two weeks time. Most recently, the IRCC has been following a trend of opening the Express Entry draws on a fortnightly basis, i.e. in every 15 days.

 Canada Express Entry Draw List: 2023

Draw Date Number of invitations Minimum CRS points
258 12-Jul 3800 375
*French language proficiency (2023-1)
257 11-Jul 800 505
*No Program Specified
256 7-Jul 2300 439
*French language proficiency (2023-1)
255 6-Jul 1500 463
*Healthcare occupations (2023-1)
254 5-Jul 500 486
*STEM occupations (2023-1)
253 4-Jul 700 511
*No Program Specified
252 28-Jun 500 476
*Healthcare occupations (2023-1)
251 27-Jun 4300 486
*No Program Specified
250 8-Jun 4800 486
*No Program Specified
249 24-May 4800 488
*No Program Specified
248 10-May 589 691
*Provincial Nominee Program
247 26-Apr 3500 483
*No Program Specified
246 12-Apr 3500 486
*No Program Specified
245 29-Mar 7000 481
*No Program Specified
244 23-Mar 7000 484
*No Program Specified
243 15-Mar 7000 490
*No Program Specified
242 1-Mar 667 748
*Provincial Nominee Program
241 15-Feb 699 791
*Provincial Nominee Program
240 2-Feb 3300 489
*Federal Skilled Worker
239 1-Feb 893 733
*Provincial Nominee Program
238 18-Jan 5,500 490
*All Program Considered
237 11-Jan 5,500 507
*All Programs Considered


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Trend of EE draws & CRS Score Requirement in 2023

As we know, the IRCC has once again resumed its all-program Express Entry draws from July 6, 2022 to invite candidates from outside of Canada.

It strongly suggests that Canadian immigration is slowly returning to standard protocol after the recent disruption caused by the global pandemic.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has so far issued 1,750 invitations via all-program Express Entry draw on July 20 and 1500 on July 6, 2022. For both the draws, the CRS score was above 500 points, which indicates that there are a large number of high-scoring candidates in the pool.?

CRS Score Requirement Trend of Last 10 Express Entry Draw


Find the Result of Latest Express Entry draw

Thus, it is expected that the IRCC may begin to conduct these two types of draws on alternate basis as things are gradually returning to normal.

In other words, the most awaited All-program draw of Express Entry likely to be held on monthly basis this year.

The time gap between two draws is a key factor that largely effects the CRS cut-off score. Larger time intervals between two draws clearly mean more applicants get time to enter their Express Entry profile in the pool.

What will be the Cut-off Marks in the Next Express Entry Draw?

If we look at the current pool position and ongoing EE draw trend being followed by IRCC, the CRS score requirement is likely to drop significantly in the forthcoming EE draws of 2022.

If you are an applicant of the Canadian PR via express Entry, it will be wise if you do not just depend on the draw results and find out the alternate ways to obtain permanent residency in Canada, i.e. by increasing your CRS score or by applying in the provincial nominee programs, etc.

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How to Get an Invitation to Apply with Low CRS score?

With a CRS score of below 400, it becomes a bit difficult to get ITA for PR visa.

However, you can still obtain some additional points and get your hands on the much-awaited Canada PR visa via the provincial nominee pathway.

Provincial Nomination

Well, Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are the best pathway to obtain Canada PR when your CRS score or point score is low. If a candidate gets a nomination from any province of Canada, then he/she will get an additional 600 points. 

You can read more about how you can apply for Canada PR Visa When CRS Score is Below 400 Points.

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