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Processing Time And Requirements for Canada PNP 2024

Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) of Canada is going to play a vital role in and are a 2022 being the key part of Canada’s economic immigration programs. The Those skilled and talented people who aspireing to get Canadian PR in 2022, , but concerned about their low point score, will find a great alternative in the form of PNPs this year.?

Processing time & Requirements for Canada PNP 2022 are already talk of the town with the start of the New Year. Let’s find the significant details about the same for the key? Provincial nominee programs of Canada.

PNP Processing Time 2023

The application processing time varies based on a provincial nominee program and the PNP stream of PNP, you are applying for. Find below the projected processing time for key PNPs of Canada:


BCNP Processing Time 2023

Processing time for British Columbia PNP Program 2022 shows as to how much time it takes to process the applications received under? BCPNP. It starts from the date when you submit the complete application and it is determined based on the 80 percent of the recent cases and it is subject to change as per the program volume. Skilled Immigration and Express Entry- British Columbia are the two main streams of BCPNP and they can take estimated processing time of 2-3 months in general.?

OINP Processing Time 2023

The processing time for Ontario PNP Program 2022 varies based on the OINP stream you are applying in. Moreover, the application or profile that require detailed information or interpretation can take more time to get processed.

OINP stream Estimated processing time
Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker 60 – 90 days
Ontario’s Express Entry Human Capital Priorities 60 – 90 days
Ontario’s Express Entry Skilled Trades 30 – 60 days

 Manitoba PNP Processing Time 2023

If you apply in Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) the processing time depends on the stream you choose to apply. Moreover, your application goes through different phases, i.e. Assessment 1, Assessment 2, Refusal (if any), Quality reviewing (for refusals), certificate issuance, etc. so, the exact processing time for each application cannot be determined.

However, if you have applied under the Express Entry aligned MPNP stream, then it may take up to 12 months or even more in some cases for the LAA and Express Entry PR application processing.?

NSNP Processing Time 2023

The processing time for Nova Scotia PNP Program 2022 largely depends on the stream you are applying. The Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) application processing may take 3 months or even more, based on the volume of applications received by the PNP, as well as the time required for document verification submitted with the application.?

If you have applied in the Express Entry stream of NSNP, you will receive the nomination confirmation in your express entry account only. You will have 30 days to accept the nomination in EE account, on accepting the same, you will get the nomination certificate on your E-mail id.

Alberta PNP Processing Time 2023

Processing time for AAIP Program 2022 depends? on stream and visa type you have selected to apply. In general, it may take from 6 months to 15 months depending on the various factors, i.e.

  • The validity of the application, in terms of completeness, eligibility, outdated application information/documents)
  • Labour market information
  • The volume of applications received
  • The date the application was received

Saskatchewan PNP Processing Time 2023

Processing time for SINP Program 2022 is subject to change periodically.? It is updated every quarter (3 months). In general, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program processing depends on the time taken to process an application once it is received by the program. For each stream, this time is measured in weeks moreover, it may change at any time.

Find below the average time (in weeks; based on business days), that it takes for 80 percent of applications to be processed. The below-given processing time is measured from when the complete application is received by the program to when it’s processed. It is an average based on the past quarter (or 3 months) only.

International Skilled Worker

SINP Category

Estimated Processing Time

(Measured in weeks)

Employment Offer 4 weeks
Occupation In-Demand 27 weeks*
Express Entry 29 weeks*

 Note: The processing time varies based on the validity and accuracy of individual applications and documents. Some applications may take longer than estimated processing time if a PNP is waiting for extra documents or for a reply of procedural fairness letter. The above mentioned period does not include the time taken by applicant acquiring licensing or professional certification documents.


Canada PNP Documents Requirement 2023

Since every provincial nominee program is different, the process and eligibility requirements also differ for every PNP. ?

Hence, to know the precise document required for Canada PNP 2022, you may explore the separate PNP web pages given under Canada PNP menu/section on this website. However, some common documents would be:?

  • Language Proficiency Test result (for English or French language) with an appropriate score, i.e. IELTS Test result
  • Educational Credential Assessment from WES or any other approved assessing authority
  • Valid work experience related documents
  • Demographically related documents, i.e. birth certificate, marriage certificate, photographs, etc.
  • Other basis documents required by a particular stream of PNP you are applying for

If you have any query or need clarification regarding any Canadian PNP process and requirements above, you may send an e-mail to our Canada migration expert? info@canadapravenue.com. Keep visiting the Canada PR Avenue website to find and explore the latest program updates, news, information and changes in? Canada immigration rules and process requirements.

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