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Manitoba Issued 399 LAAs in new MPNP Draw

April 21 , 2021 By Rajneesh Kumar

Manitoba invited 399LAAs in new MPNP Drawheld on April 19, 2021

The Canadian Province Manitoba has announced results of its new EOI based MPNP draw on 19th April 2021. In this 113thMPNP draw, the province has invited total 399 candidates and issued them LAAs (Letters of Advice to Apply) for provincial nomination with Manitoba.

All the candidates who are invited in this draw are now eligible to apply for Manitoba s Provincial Nomination for Canadian Permanent Residency under Skilled Workers Overseas.

Draw Date


No. of LAAs Issued

Minimum Score Requirement










Total LAAs Issued

Skilled Workers Overseas- Invited directly from the MPNP under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative



Skilled Workers Overseas-IRCC Express Entry ID and job seeker validation code




















EOI Based MPNP Draw- 19th April

As per the details announced by the province, out of total 399 invitations, the MPNP has sent LAAs only to Skilled Workers Overseas candidates. This time, 30 LAAs were issued to candidates directly under Manitoba s Strategic Recruitment Initiative with minimum score requirement of 703 points and 369 were issued to candidates with Express Entry ID and job seeker validation code.

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