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Canada Ranks as the No.1 Country for Immigration and Investment

March 25 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Canada Ranks as the No.1 Country for Immigration and Investment


According to an online survey by Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index, Canada has been ranked among the top 3 nations out of 50 countries and has ranked first for its immigration and investment category. Only France and Germany were ahead of Canada when its comes to overall ranking.

National Branding Index Survey

This survey, originally known as the Anholt Nation Brands Index measures global perceptions of nations across different dimensions like culture, people, governance, tourism, exports, investment, and immigration). So, this year the survey was conducted on 20,035 adults who age above 18 years and belong to 20 different countries.

In this survey, Canada has bagged the first place in three out of six individual categories, i.e. people and governance and immigration and investment. Moreover, it is also declared that Canada is the only nation that has remarkably improvised its position in tourism, culture, and governance.

In comparison to the last year, Canada has taken a big jump and has reached to 3rd position in contrast to the 5th position in 2018. But, overall it s Canada s second in the year in a row that it s has positioned itself at the top in immigration and investment categories.

In fact, the survey has also asked the participants to answer the personality traits of all 50 countries. According to this question, 39% of correspondents feel Canada is a friendly nation, around 30% said the nation is trustworthy, 29% feels it s a happy place to live, and 19% calls it generous.


Canada: Leading Country for Immigration & Investment

This clearly indicated how lovable and popular Canada is among the people around the globe and how much improvement the nation has shown in the last couple of years that it attracts a lot of people who choose to work, study and live in Canada.

If we talk about the key basis for evaluating the immigration and investment score, then it is definitely an amalgamation of five attributes including, work and lives, educational qualifications, quality of life, equality in society and invest in the business.

So, it is apt to say that trust cannot be built overnight! It takes a lot of effort, criticism, improvements and more to stand among the top. So does Canada s journey has been through. Today, it s one of the most popular nations among aspiring immigrants who wish to make Canada their second home.

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