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Immigration can take Canadas Population up to 55 million by 2068: Statistics Canada

March 25 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Immigration can take Canadas Population up to 55 million by 2068: Statistics Canada


With a forecast of a drastic fall down in the overall population percentage for most of the developed nations in the next 50 years, Canada’s population is expected to touch new heights.

According to a report issued by Statistics Canada, the population of Canada could reach up to 55 million by the end of 2068.

The Statistics Canada agency has created nine scenarios, which are plausible long-term ones so that they can project what it may look like in the near future. There is low-growth, high-growth scenario, and five medium-growth scenarios depicted. There are different hypothetic interprovincial migration scenarios, including a fast and slow aging scenario.

Statistics Canada also states that, “In all scenarios, immigration would remain the key driver of population growth over the next 50 years.”


Provinces with Projected Rise in Comparison to Other Provinces of Canada

Statistics Canada report stated that the overall population in a few provinces like Ontario and Alberta will rise, while for others, it may decrease in 25 years down the lane.

According to all the scenarios, Ontario’s population is rising it the same pace, with an estimation of up to 20.4 million population rise by 2043.

Also, the population growth rate in Alberta is expected to rise up to 7.3 million by 2043.

As per most of the listed scenarios, Alberta s population will surpass British Columbia s record population growth in 2018.

Statistics Canada also stated that, “Together, Alberta and Ontario would account for more than half of Canada’s projected growth between 2018 and 2043 in all scenarios.”

Moreover, the population of Saskatchewan and Manitoba are also expected to rise by the next 25 years. Most of the scenarios showed that Quebec’s population is growing at a much slower rate in comparison to other provinces in Canada.

Though Quebec shares 22.6% of the population in 2018, Statistics Canada’s has projected a fall of 20.1% by 2043.

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