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Canadian Study or Work Experience can be Beneficial for Immigrants

March 25 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Canadian Study or Work Experience can be Beneficial for Immigrants


Recently Statistics Canada has conducted a study, which has revealed that there is a rise in the median entry wage of $39,800 to the overall income of those new permanent residents who have already studied and have prior work experience in Canada.

The Statistics Canada said that, “These wages are comparable with those of the entire Canadian population.”

The study was conducted on those permanent residents who came to Canada in 2016 for study or job purposes. It has been found that those immigrants have high median entry wages in comparison to those who came after a year.

The underlying reason behind this growth could be a rise in the number of permit holders transitioning to Canadian PR.

As per a note from the study, it has been stated that, “From the 2007 admission year to the 2016 admission year, the number of immigrant tax filers one year after arrival who had work experience in Canada increased by 166% while the number of immigrants without work experience rose 2%.”

There has been a rise of 64% in the median wage of immigrants from the same group since 2017, i.e. $33,500. In fact, most of the gains were recorded within the 10-year time span.

On this, the Statistics Canada said, “Their wage exceeded that of immigrants who held only a work permit (up 36 percent to $48,100) and that of Canadians as a whole.”

Moreover, the study has also revealed that around 90% of immigrants who came to Canada in 2012 and have pre-admission work experience are still living in the same province from where they have started. While those who don t have pre-admission work experience had an overall retention rate of 81%.


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