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Canada Allows Temporary Foreign Workers to Start New Jobs Under New Policy

May 13 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Canada Allows Temporary Foreign Workers to Start New Jobs Under New Policy

In a news release on 12th May, the government of Canada had announced a few positive measures to support temporary foreign workers and their employers.

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted almost every Canadian sector, bringing in more challenges for temporary foreign workers as well as their employers.

This spring, a lot of temporary workers who had employer-specific work permit have lost their employment.A few have left the country, while a few are unable to leave due to temporary travel restrictions and flight unavailability.

Also, a lot of employers in sectors who are in great labour needs and critical services to Canada, like agriculture, health care, and agri-food are also in urgent need of additional workforce.

As per the existing rule, a temporary worker needs to apply for a new work permit to change his/her job that must be issued before they start their work at a new place.

In this need of the hour, the Canadian government has announced a new, temporary policy, which is aiming at reducing the time it takes for a temporary foreign worker to begin a new job, i.e. from a processing time period of 10 weeks or more to only 10 days or less.

Under this newly implemented temporary policy, if a worker who has a new valid job offer in hand and is already living and working in Canada may get approval to start the new job while his/her new work permit application is still under process.

This new policy is another feather to Canada’s whole-of-government approach, where the IRCC had promised to continue immigration and to continue looking for new ways to support the Canadian economy along with protecting the health and safety of its citizens and residents (temporary and permanent) during the pandemic.

New temporary workers are encouraged to submit their request to IRCC which will be reviewed within 10 days time so that vacant job positions can be filled in critical sectors where there is a lack of workers, like, agriculture, food processing, and health care sectors.

In order to be eligible, workers must:

  • Have a valid status and be living in Canada
  • Have work permit (employer-specific) or work permit exemption
  • Have submitted a new work permit an application and have a valid job offer either under Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program or the International Mobility Program

Please note, there are no changes announced with respect to the employer's role in the hiring process for foreign workers.

All the employers must obtain a valid positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) from Employment and Social Development Canada and name the worker required in a vacant position on the LMIA along with notifying the same to Service Canada.

In the case of an employer-specific, LMIA-exemption scenario, the employers must submit an employment offer via the International Mobility Program Employer Portal.

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