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Canada Mulls Funding of About $10 Million to Help Newcomers Find Job in Canada

March 26 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Canada Commits $10 Million to Help Newcomer Immigrants Find Work


The Canadian government is planning to allocate the fund of nearly $10 million to provide key assistance to the newcomers in Canada to find employment in the country. This update has been shared in the news release from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada).

The government has always been supportive towards the newcomers in the country, who face some challenges in finding a job in Canada after they land in for the first time in maple leaf country. Let’s find more update.

Canada To Allocate Heavy Fund to Help Newcomers Get Job

Canada has the lenient immigration rules and policy, which allows tens of thousands of foreign skilled workers every year, to enter Canada as a permanent resident. However, after landing in Canada they sometimes face difficulties in getting their credential recognized and subsequently, find a suitable job. This is the reason that the Canadian government has decided to help newcomers to get their credentials recognized, which will enable them to put their education and skills to work at earliest.

Mr. Patty Hajdu, the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, Canada, launched a Call for Concepts under the Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) Program. For this to happen, the government is likely to release funding up to $10 million for 15 different projects, which in turn will help newcomers to find job in Canada.


Government supports Immigrants in the country

The liberal government in Canada has extended valuable support to the immigrants not only in terms of relaxed Permanent residency (PR) process requirements but also in terms of helping them settle and integrate into the community. Canada already has several Immigrant Serving Organizations active, which offer key assistance and support to the newcomers to get job in Canada along with accommodation, briefing about the government rules, documents and procedures and for other things important for them to integrate into the society and job market of Canada.

Canada s Multiyear Immigration Plan

Canada has been welcoming over 3, 00,000 people for a couple of years, and the annual immigration target is only going to increase in future as per the Multiyear Immigration Plan of Canada. Hence, it’s obvious that the government has to make enough arrangements for the newcomers in order to make their settlement process smooth and hassle-free.

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Move To Canada This Year- The Best Time To Apply for Permanent Residency

This year is the perfect time to apply for permanent residency in Canada with relatively easy PR process requirements and government’s support to the newcomers in integration and settlement. So, if you are planning for immigration to Canada since, long it’s high time to put your plan into action this year. So, get in touch with a certified Canada immigration expert today, to prepare your immigration file for the best immigration program, i.e. express entry, PNP, etc. and apply for PR visa.


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