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Indian Job Seekers Preferring Canada over US

March 26 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

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Canada has always been key immigration destination for Indian immigrants. However, in last few years, skilled and talented people here in India have started preferring Canada over the USA. Immigration scenario in US has changed a lot after 9/11. Moreover the stern immigration policies of President Trump has made the situationeven more difficult for the new and existing immigrants in the United States of America.

In such circumstance, Canada has emerged as a new ray of hope for the people seeking skilled visa in an advanced country. Its proximity to mighty America makes it even more desirable among the immigrants world over.

Skilled Workers Exploring Career Opportunities in Canada over US

As per the job site Seek, in last 24 months, the online job search in Canada from India have raised by whipping 13 percent. On the other hand, it has dropped by nearly 10 percent in America at the same time. This fall in job search in US has taken over by the Canada. Canada is tech industry is booming at now, and hence, they need the skilled workers especially, from tech sector to a great extent.

With USA closing its door on skilled visa applicants and aspirants, Canada is the clear choice for the people seeking overseas immigration. The significant rise has been noticed in the employment search for some key technology occupations, i.e. business analyst, software developer, web developer, data scientist, Java developer, software engineer and data analyst. The stern H1B visa rules has also diverted the skilled immigrants toward Canadian Permanent Residency visa, which is much easier to obtain.

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