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SINP Opened its Latest EOI Based Draw on 22 May, 2019

March 26 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Latest Saskatchewan EOI Draw opened on May 22, 2019


Saskatchewan province of Canada has held an EOI based SINP draw on May 22nd, 2019. This time, a total of 325 invitations to apply were issued to Express Entry EOI and Occupations In-Demand candidates. This one is the 2nd SINP draw for the month of May, as the 1st draw was announced on 1st May. 2019. With the round of SINP draw, a total number of invitations to Express Entry candidates from Saskatchewan province go up to 814 ITAs.

Break-up of the Total Number of Invitations Issued on 22 May 2019

Out of total 325 invitations, 221 ITAs went to Occupation In-Demand sub-category and the remaining 104 ITAs went to Saskatchewan’s Express Entry sub-category (SINP).

The minimum cut-off score among both sub-categories was 82.

Below is a table, which clearly indicates the break-up of ITAs:

EOI Draw No. EOI Draw Dates Minimum CRS Score No. of ITAs Issued Category
13 22 May 2019 82 121 Occupations In-Demand
13 22 May 2019 82 104 Express Entry
12 1 May 2019   67 121 Occupations In-Demand 
12 1 May 2019 67   81  Express Entry


 Assessing the Prospects for Both Sub-Categories

Both the sub-categories, including Occupation In-Demand and Saskatchewan’s Express Entry are key components of the SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program). These serve as a gateway for the Saskatchewan province to nominate economic immigration candidates who meet the province s specific labor needs.

Since the year 2007, Saskatchewan has welcomed more than 108,000 newcomers from 170 countries around the globe. And a key eligibility criterion for both the Express Entry and Occupation In-Demand stream of the SINP is to have valid work experience in any one of the 19 occupations listed under in-demand occupation list of the province. However, a job offer from a Saskatchewan employer may not be required.

In order to apply for any one of these sub-categories, an applicant has to register an Expression of Interest under the SINP’s International Skilled Worker Category. Submitting an EOI is the very first step of applying to the SINP.

Then he/she will obtain a CRS score out of 100 on the basis of a few key factors, like education, proficiency in English or French, skilled work experience, connections to Saskatchewan. The candidates who score highest points in both sub-categories are then issued an ITA via regular draws from the Express Entry pool.

Please note, the SINP limits the EOI selection of occupation by fiscal year in order to select and nominate applicants who have positive employment prospects in Saskatchewan. As a result, in the fiscal year 2018-19, a few occupations have been removed from the In-Demand Occupation List of SINP, including:

  • Engineering Managers
  • Manufacturing Managers
  • Utilities Managers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Computer Engineers
  • Software Engineers and Designers
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Landscape and Horticulture Technicians and Specialists
  • Electronic Service Technicians (household and business equipment)
  • Economists and Economic Policy Researchers and Analysts
  • Agricultural Representatives, Consultants, and Specialists
  • Medical Sonographers

Important: Revised Manitoba PNP In-Demand Occupation List

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