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Quebec has Invited 444 Candidates to Apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate

March 25 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Quebec has Invited 444 Candidates to Apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate


In a draw held on 19th August, Quebec has invited total of 444 candidates to apply for a permanent Quebec Selection Certificate. In this latest draw, the province targeted candidates under Quebec Skilled Worker Program who have submitted an EOI (Expression of Interest) in the Arrima system of Quebec and whose previous applications were cancelled as a result of immigration reforms, which was passed on 16th June 2019.


Candidates must meet the following Eligibility Criteria to Qualify:

  • Their application was terminated, which was previously submitted under the Skilled Worker Program as per Section 28 of Quebec’s Act to increase Québec’s socio-economic prosperity and must meet the province s labour market needs
  • They filed an EOI before 17th December 2019
  • They fall under one of the scenarios below:
  • Their terminated application under the Act, was submitted under 5.01 Section of the Regulation
  • They were already staying in Québec on 16th June 2019, while they took their study or work permit

Though the Arrima was introduced in 2018 to get EOIs under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, it manages the bank of candidates for Quebec.

An EOI is not an application, it helps a candidate to notify the Immigration Ministry of Quebec that they would like to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate, which allows a candidate to apply for Quebec s permanent residence.

The online system of EOI has replaced the earlier version, it s now a first-come-first-served method that is accepted to assess applications under Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Under an EOI system, you have to create a profile in Arrima and then you get scores on the basis of key profile factors like their education, age, work experience, proficiency in French and area of training.

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Candidates are invited to apply for a CSQ on the basis of their scores to fulfill the labour shortage in the outlying regions of the province.

If you wish to apply for CSQ via Canada’s federal immigration ministry, then you must verify the criminal and medical admissibility.

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