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Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) Latest Draw Opened on July 5, 2019

March 25 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Alberta Opened The Latest AINP Draw on July 5, 2019

Alberta province has announced the results of its latest draw held on July 5, 2019. Total 180 NOIs (Notification of Interest) have been issued under AINP s Express Entry-linked stream.

In this draw, the minimum cutoff score was as low as 425 CRS points, under the comprehensive ranking system. Though, 425 points were quite a high score till date in 2019 for an Alberta Express Entry draw, but, it was way less than the cutoff score of federal Express Entry draw, which was recorded as 460 in the most recent draw.

To be precise, Alberta province has selected candidates under Express Entry linked AINP stream with even a very low CRS score of 300 in four of its draws by far in the year 2019. While three draws record a CRS score of 301 and one other with a minimum CRS score of 302.

In 2019, a total of 17 AINP draws has been conducted via Alberta Express Entry Stream, which resulted in the issuance of total 3,996 NOIs (Notification of Interest).


How AINP Works?

The Alberta Express Entry Linked Stream allows the AINP to select candidates from the federal Express Entry pool who meet the eligibility criteria of this particular stream. Express Entry candidates who get a provincial nomination from Alberta receive 600 additional points in their overall CRS score and are then guaranteed to get an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada from the Canadian Government.

To apply under Alberta Express Entry Linked Stream, a candidate is not required to have a prior job offer or any previous work experience in the province of Alberta. But, a candidate must show “strong ties to Alberta” and has to be working in any occupation which supports the economic development and diversification priorities of the province. Also, Alberta doesn t provide any list of eligible occupations.

But, AINP also maintains a statement that it may give a little priority to candidates who have:

  • Work experience or a job offer in Alberta
  • A degree from a post-secondary institution of Canada and again a valid job offer
  • A parent, sibling or child already living in the province of Alberta

Important: Alberta PNP High Demand Occupation List

Do you wish to apply under AINP or any other PNPs in 2019?

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