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Express Entry 2020- 1st Quarter Report

April 06 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Express Entry 2020- 1st Quarter Report

The first quarterly report of Canada's Express Entry system are exceptionally good in terms of the number of invitations issued to eligible candidates for Canada PR.

In the first quarter, the IRCC had surprisingly issued 22,600 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) to principal applicants in the EE pool. This figure is the highest number of ITAs issued ever in the first quarters of the last two years, i.e. 2019 and 2018.

Earlier, Canada had issued only 21,200 ITAs in 2019 and 17, 500 ITAs in 2018. While, in the first quarter of 2017, IRCC did excelled by issuing 24,632 ITAs.

Even in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis, which is changing the immigration landscape of Canada, the country is still working towards achieving the 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan that was announced a week before implementing measures to prevent Coronavirus spread.

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Highlights of the first quarter of 2020

IRCC is announcing draws consistently

The IRCC had consistently held EE draws in every two weeks time and with the onset of special COVID-19 measures being implemented, the IRCC continued with announcing Express Entry draws.

On 18th March provincial nominee candidates were invited through an EE draw. While, in the 23rd March draw, only Canadian Experience Class candidates were invited.

Significant rise in the number of ITAs quarterly

With all the draws happening at a regular pace, there is an overall increase of 25.5% in the number of total ITAs issued in the first quarter in comparison to the last (4th) quarter of 2019, where a total of 18,000 ITAs was issued.

Largest EE draw ever

In this quarter, Canada has held one of the largest Express Entry draws in history. In a draw held on 19th February 2020, the IRCC had issued whooping 4,500 ITAs to principal applicants to apply for a Canadian permanent residence visa.

With this draw, the immigration authorities of Canada have smashed all the records and surpassed the previous largest draw record, where a total of 3,923 invites were issued on 13th April, 2017.

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Canada's Immigration Level Plans

Canada is aiming to invite over a million new permanent residents in the next consecutive years and is focusing on issuing a large number of ITAs in upcoming draws to meet the immigration targets.

With a target to welcome 341,000 new immigrants, 91,800 places are allocated for Federal High Skilled workers and 67,800 for the provincial nominee program.

Frequent PNP Draws for Express Entry Aligned Streams

Canadian provinces are also nominating Express Entry candidates for Canadian PR. Almost all provinces and territories, except Quebec and Nunavut, have enhanced their provincial nominee programs that work in conjunction with Express Entry.

The provincial governments nominate EE candidates to meet labour market needs via their own PNP draws, where candidates are invited to apply for Provincial Nomination.

If a candidate receives the nomination, he or she will be awarded 600 additional CRS points in an upcoming Express Entry draw.

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