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Manitoba Issued 174 LAAs in a New EOI MPNP Draw

July 18 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Manitoba Issued 174 LAAs in a New EOI MPNP Draw

The province of Manitoba has invited total 174 eligible candidates in a latest MPNP draw held on July 16, 2020.

The invited candidates are from key Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program stream, including:

  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba:

Total LAAs issued: 134

Minimum score requirement: 430

  • Skilled Worker Overseas:

Total LAAs issued: 11 (issued directly by MPNP s Strategic Recruitment Initiative)

Minimum score requirement: 811

  • International Education Stream:

Total LAAs issued: 29

Of 174 Letters to Advice to Apply (LAAs), 18 LAAs were sent to those candidates who had an Express Entry ID and a valid job seeker validation code.

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program seeks skilled workers, recent graduates, businesspeople and families with an ability and intention to settle down and economically establish in the province. Manitoba surely makes it easier to immigrate and settle down as a permanent resident.

With this 94th invitation round held by MPNP, the total number LAAs issued by Manitoba so far in the year 2020 has reached up to 2,634.

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Minimum Score Requirement in Latest Draw held on July 16, 2020

In this draw, the minimum cut off score for candidates under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba Stream was 430 and 811 for Skilled Workers Overseas stream candidates.

While, for candidates who were invited via the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream, there is no minimum cut off announced so far.

Key Manitoba PNP Streams

1) Skilled worker stream

 It is locally driven and selects candidates on the basis of Manitoba s employers needs and requirements. Internationally trained and experienced skilled workers are selected under the stream and are nominated to apply for Canadian PR visa. There are two stream, including:

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Workers Overseas

2) International Education Stream

It is for Manitoba graduates and is dedicated towards providing faster pathways to provincial nominations to international graduates in Manitoba. There are three streams, including:

  • Career Employment Pathway
  • Graduate Internship Pathway
  • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

Please note, any international student who completed studies in any other Canadian province, then he/she will not be considered as eligible under International Education Stream.

3) Business Investor Stream

It is going to replace the existing PNP-B business category. It allows Manitoba to hire and nominate business investors as well as entrepreneurs who have an intention and an ability to start or buy a businesses in province. There are three streams, including:

  • Entrepreneur Pathway
  • Farm Investor Pathway

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