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OINP Masters Graduate stream Met the Intake Limit - Opened & Closed the Same Day

October 03 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

OINP Masters Graduate stream Met the Intake Limit

Ontario's Masters Graduate stream under Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program opened on 29th September and closed on the same day upon meeting the internal registration limit of 1,215.

Amidst high demand, Ontario strives to strike a balance in the intake across its streams.

The OINP manages application intake strategically and ensure meeting employers' and specific labour market needs across the province.

OINP- Masters Graduate Stream

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program opened its Masters Graduate stream on September 29 and started accepting applications.

However, the stream was closed on the same day as the stream met the intake limit of 1215 and the system automatically stopped accepting any further registrations.

So, the registration intake limit in Masters Graduate stream is now officially closed and the OINP will not accept any additional registrations until any further notice.

As per the latest information, the Masters Graduate stream of OINP is expected to soon adopt an Expression of Interest (EOI) system and give up the first-come-first-served application system anytime in 2021.

Check your Eligibility for Canada Immigration

Selection Criteria

In order to qualify, an applicant doesn't need a job offer, nor required to be in Canada at the time of application submission.

To become eligible, a candidate must have completed the requirements of having a master’s degree from an Ontario learning institution.

Other key eligibility criteria

  • Scoring minimum CLB of 7 in all four abilities of English or French language exam
  • Must have lived in province for minimum 1 year
  • Must have settlement funds as per the family size
  • Must have true intention to live in Ontario

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