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Canada has Ranked as No.1 Country for Quality of Life in 2020

March 25 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Canada has Ranked as No.1 Country for Quality of Life in 2020

According to a survey conducted by the US News and World Report in 2020, Canada bagged a No.1 position in the Quality of Life Rankings. This Quality of Life sub ranking has been done on the basis of an average of scores from a total of 9 country attributes that collectively contribute to a country's quality of life. These attributes include affordable, economically stable, a good job market, income equality, family-friendly, safety and security, well-developed education and health system, politically stable.

In the overall best countries ranking, the Quality of Life sub ranking solely has 17% weightage. And once again, Canada has been ranked No. 1 for providing supreme quality of life to its people.

The survey respondents believe that Canada is politically stable, has a well-developed public health and education system and a good job market as well. Hence, Canada has scored the maximum points in all the human living parameters set in the survey.

Have a look at the table below to find out how Canada ranks, based on key parameters:


Canada s Ranking

Quality of Life






Overall Parameters




Open for Business


Raising Children Ranking




Comfortable Retirement


Green Living


In this Best Country Survey (including overall parameters), Canada was behind Switzerland, which topped the Best Country list 2020 in all the parameters. Switzerland and Canada were followed by other countries, including, Japan, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Netherland, and Norway.

 Top 10 Best Countries in the world in 2020

#1 Switzerland

#2 Canada

#3 Japan

#4 Germany

#5 Australia

#6 United Kingdom

#7 United States

#8 Sweden

#9 Netherland

#10 Norway

By constantly topping the charts in the Best Countries List, Canada is undeniably one of the best destinations to immigrate in 2020. Those who are willing to move to Canada as skilled immigrants must take note of this survey and choose their PR visa pathway in 2020.

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