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Important Covid-19 Updates from the Desk of Mr. Mendicino, Canada's Immigration Minister

May 06 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Important Covid-19 Updates from the Desk of Mr. Mendicino, Canada Immigration Minister

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has always been uncertainty over the future of Canada's immigration and the country has always ensured that it will continue to welcome new immigrants by announcing several Program-Specific Express Entry and PNP draws.

To further clarify the doubts, Canada’s immigration minister Hon. Marco Mendicino has participated in a Q&A session to shed some light on Canada's future plans once the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

In a session held on 5th May 2020, Mr. Mendicino has shared some major updates regarding what all prospective immigrants can expect in a span of a few months.

In a 60-minute session, he stressed how imperative all the immigration programs are for Canada's success and economic recovery.

The minister also said that the nation's worker to retiree ratio is declining and the prevailing Coronavirus scare will not change the demographic trends in the long-term, which clearly implies that Canada is largely dependent on immigration programs and immigrants to drive its economic growth and development.

Thus, keeping the annual immigration levels plan 2020-2022, Canada will remain open to new immigrants in consultation with stakeholders to decide the future intake levels to grow and prosper as a nation irrespective of any economic or pandemic challenges.

In this session, Mr. Mendicino has also discussed IRCC's ongoing operations and how the staff is managing application intake and processing from remote areas using necessary tools and improvising the process at different stages.

Another update shared by the Minister is regarding Temporary Foreign Workers. He said, the IRCC has expedite the application processing for seasonal agricultural workers under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Moreover, the department of immigration is also supporting the federal government's plan to strengthen Canada's food supply by staying in close touch with employers from agricultural and seafood sectors.

He further stated, “Is there more that we can do? Absolutely. And we are always looking at ways to create some additional flexibility around work permits, really removing any barriers that exist abroad.”

Mendicino has also shown concern for bringing in foreign workers into Canada and the market demand, which is sure to fall considerably in the coming months for certain products in certain sectors.

The final update shared by Canada's immigration minister was regarding International Students. He thanked stakeholders for their positive feedback and suggest how the government can changes its policies with regards to international students amid the Covid-19 scare.

The IRCC has allowed international students to pursue online courses and qualify for the post-graduate work permit.

Additionally, the IRCC continues to gather feedback from stakeholders to help students get enrolled in various institutions for the September session.

Lastly, the minister said “stay tuned” as more information will be released shortly in this regard.

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