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International Students can Apply for PGWP with Online Courses

April 10 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

International Students can Apply for PGWP with Online Courses

The Canadian government has recently announced a decision in favor of those International students whose study programs are set to begin in the coming weeks.

According to an announcement, they can opt for online coursework if they will eventually apply for a PGWP, i.e. Post Graduation Work Permit and will not be penalized.

Generally, an international student studying in a Canadian university are eligible to apply for PGWP only after studying full time in Canada for a minimum of 8 months a long time.

In fact, online studying serves as a cause behind an applicant's ineligible to apply for PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit).

But, in the light of this temporary reform, Canada tends to ease out its immigration policies and support plans of international students who are hoping to eventually transition their international student status to a PR holder.

As a step towards coronavirus prevention, a lot of courses are moving towards the online medium. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada have allowed international students enrolled in such online courses to qualify for a PGWP.

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Key Case Scenarios for the Study Programs of International Students

Students with a study permit, or who have an approval for a study program that is set to start in May or June, but are unable to travel to Canada because of travel restrictions are included by the IRCC in the online courses.

International students can start their classes online even if they are outside of Canada and can also finish up to half of their study program while living abroad only if they are unable to travel to Canada.

Those international students who got study permit approval after 18th March are not exempted from the current travel ban.

Reasons Explained for the Temporary Reforms

One of the key reasons behind the Canadian government introducing this temporary reform is an outcome of research conducted by Bureau for International Education, which shows that more than 60% of international students in Canada desire to become permanent residents.

Canadian experience before becoming a PR, holder helps them integrate quickly into the Canadian labour market.

Thus, there are more than 80 economic class immigration programs that are exclusively designed to provide extra points to those applicants who have prior Canadian work experience.

Step Process to Apply For Canada Study Visa

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