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Alberta Introduced a New AINP Online Portal

October 09 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Alberta Introduced a New AINP Online Portal

As per the latest update from the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, all candidates except those under Self-Employed Farmer Stream can apply for most of the programs using AINP's online portal.

Starting October 1, 2020, the process of application submission to the AINP can be done through online portal.

In case of Alberta Express Entry Stream, the candidates must obtain an authorization for accessing the new portal.

About New AINP Online Portal

With an AINP portal eligible candidates can apply to AINP online, review their application status and update required information for online application. With an online access, all these tasks would become easier for candidates.

Moreover, an AINP portal would also help the candidates get tips about entering the data, customizing documentation list and save an application draft to complete the same at another time.

Initial Eligibility Assessment

The system will perform an assessment to confirm if the candidates meet key criteria. In case any candidate fails to meet the criteria, his/her application will be declined.

Application fees

All applications that'll be submitted through AINP's online portal on or after October 1, will be subjected to a processing fee of $500.

Under Alberta Opportunity and Express Entry Streams, candidates are not required to submit processing fee, if applications are submitted via mail on or before October 1.

Under Self-Employed Farmer Stream, application fee is not required by the candidates who will submit application via mail on or before October 1, whereas, for applications submitted after October 1, candidates must pay the required fee.

Please note, once you submit your application, the application fee amount will be non-refundable. Since the fee includes the application processing cost as well, thus, it is mandatory and non-refundable, no matter whether you receive your nomination certificate or not.

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Updated Fee for Post-Decision Services

As per the latest updates, candidates are required to email the requests for post-decision services along with a fee that must be submitted online.

A post-decision services fee of $100 has been introduced by the AINP for services emailed on or after October 1, including, request for nomination extension, reconsideration and nominee requests for Letters of Support.

A nominee must request for a Letters of Support as it will no longer be issued with a nomination. If you have a written request from IRCC, then you don't need to pay the fee.

Please note, the amount of fee you need to submit would include the processing cost of your request and refunds are provided only for reconsideration requests. Else, all other service fees will be non-refundable.

Updated Applications to be Submitted via Email

All the candidates whether applied via mail must send the application updates to AINP through email, including:

  • Updates or corrections to any document or information in the application
  • Updates to immigration or employment status, contact details, family composition
  • Updates about using any third party representative
  • Application withdrawal

Temporary Changes with Effect from October 1, 2020

The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program has been consistently working with the IRCC to review the processes and policies.

As part of the same association, the AINP has introduced a few temporary changes as part of Covid-19 measures w.e.f October 1, 2020.

As per the of temporary changes:

  • The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program will no longer accept incomplete applications and will decline all such incomplete applications that are submitted online or mailed on or after October 1.
  • All the applications under Alberta Opportunity Stream and Alberta Express Entry Stream must be completed using the online portal. While, for Self-Employed Farmer Stream, candidates may continue to send the applications via email.
  • In case any candidate and nominee lost a job after application submission, the AINP provides him/her maximum 6 months time, which was earlier only 4 months to find new employment offer as per the AINP eligibility criteria.

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