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Canada to Accept More than 1 Million New Immigrants by 2022

March 24 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Canada to Accept More than 1 Million New Immigrants by 2022

On 28th February, Marco Mendicino has talked about how Canada s immigration is an economic driver.

In his first major speech delivered in Toronto, the Immigration Minister has outlined the immigration plans and discussed other parameters.

During his speech, he has talked about Canada s plans to welcome more than a million newcomers for permanent residency by the end of 2022.

He also stated how immigration is required for the country to grow its economy and deal with the labour market shortage, ageing population, and low birth rate.

Immigration as an Economic Driver

With an average Canadian not having enough children, the country is no longer sustaining on its own population naturally.

Since the population is aging and more and more people are retired, Canada majorly relies on its smaller labour force to maintain the expenditure of the government.

Mendicino pointed out that as the population is getting older, they are requiring more access to public services like health care, which adds up to the costs.

To deal with all this, immigration is a key solution and that s why Canada s central policy revolves around the same and the focus is always on attracting young, skilled and well-educated migrants to fill the labour force gaps.

Currently, immigration accounts for 80% of Canada’s total population growth, and this percentage is likely to increase by up to 100% by the end of 2030.

In his speech, Mendicino also talked about a highly successful Express Entry system, which is one of the most imperative parts of the Canadian immigration system and a popular pathway to invited skilled workers since January 2015.

Highlighting the Role of Key Immigration Programs

The Minister also pointed out that 95% of those newcomers who are welcomed through any of the three Express Entry programs are employed, and 80% of those are working in their fields of specialization.

Other programs like Global Talent Stream also played an important role in welcoming new skilled and professional individuals. While, programs like Atlantic Immigration Pilot and the Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot especially encouraged newcomers to spread out around the country and not concentrate in urban parts like Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, etc.

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Initiatives Taken by the Ministry

Currently, one of the biggest jobs on the Ministry s hands is to form a new Municipal Nominee Program, which was announced in last year s election as a part of the Liberal government campaign.

The minister said, consultations are underway about how the program will work exactly to complement the existing PNP, i.e. Provincial Nominee Program of Canada.


The major take away from the entire speech was that Canada is expecting more on the immigration file under Mendicino s stewardship.

He urged everyone to support immigration plans as Canada’s immigration system has been named as one of the best globally, and he clearly intends to keep it the same way.

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