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SINP Issued 150 NOIs Under Occupations In-Demand And Express Entry Streams on August 15

March 25 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

SINP issued 150 NOIs under Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry streams on 15th Aug 2019

Saskatchewan province of Canada held 2 draws via the Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry sub-categories and issued a total of 150 NOIs.

Latest SINP  Draws Opened on August 15, 2019

  • Express Entry- 45
  • Occupations In-Demand- 105

Out of total 150 invitations, 45 invitations were sent to candidates who were registered in Express entry pool and the remaining 105 invitations were sent to candidates under Occupation In-Demand sub-category.

The minimum score requirements for the candidates was 78 CRS points. These points are scored out of 100 on the basis of the following factors, including their skilled work experience, education, age, language proficiency and connections to the province of Saskatchewan. The candidates with the highest score in both the sub-categories are then invited via regular draws from the Express Entry pool.


So far, in the year 2019, the SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) has issued total 1,789 invitations via its Occupation In-Demand stream and 1,315 via its Express Entry stream.

Thus, the number of invitations issued in the latest 15th August draw, i.e. 150 marks a major decline from the previous draw result of 381 invitations.

List of EOI-based SINP Draw in 2019

Date of Invite Category Minimum Score Total Invitations
Aug 15, 2019 Express Entry 78 45
Aug 15, 2019 Occupations In-demand 78 105
July 24, 2019 Express Entry 74 104
July 24, 2019 Occupations In-demand 74 277
June 20, 2019 Express Entry 68 268
June 20, 2019 Occupations In-demand 68 211
June 6, 2019 Express Entry 75 84
June 6, 2019 Occupations In-demand 75 342
May 22, 2019 Express Entry 82 104
May 22, 2019 Occupations In-demand 82 221
May 1, 2019 Express Entry 67 81
May 1, 2019 Occupations In-demand 67 121
April 17, 2019 Express Entry 60 114
April 17, 2019 Occupations In-demand 60 210
March 6, 2019 Express Entry 67 70
March 6, 2019 Occupations In-demand 81 68
Feb 27, 2019 Express Entry 68 83
Jan 16, 2019 Occupations In-demand 66 234
Jan 16, 2019 Express Entry 63 362

Express Entry

The Express Entry stream of Saskatchewan is linked to the federal Express Entry system. Those candidates who have an Express Entry profile and meet the eligibility requirements of Saskatchewan have high chances of getting selected for a provincial nomination.

Moreover, an Express Entry candidate who has a provincial nomination will also receive an additional 600 points.

Occupations In-Demand

Under this category, there is no job offer required, while a key eligibility requirement is to have work experience under any one of the 19 occupations listed in the in-demand occupation list of Saskatchewan.

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