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Designated Learning Institutions Resumed Accepting International Students

October 22 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Designated Learning Institutions Resumed Accepting International Students

The Canadian government made a significant announcement for International students with an approved study permit.

With effect from October 20, 2020, certain Canadian DLIs, i.e. Designated Learning Institutions are now allowed to reopen to overseas students who have not yet travelled to Canada and meet following conditions:

  • They have or have been approved for Canadian study permit
  • They are travelling to Canada for a non-optional or non-discretionary purpose
  • They are studying at one of the approved DLIs
  • They have all the required documents

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DLIs with Covid-19 Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan

The IRCC has clearly outlines that in order to reopen for international students who are not in Canada presently, the DLIs must have a province or territory approved COVID-19 readiness plan to ensure the health and safety of all the students and the nearby communities.

As per the protocol, a COVID-19 readiness plan must:

  • Describe how a DLI will manage the 14-day of mandatory quarantine period for overseas students, that includes transportation arrangements to the quarantine location of students
  • Provides required support and information to overseas students regarding how to get the necessary items like food and medicines, health insurance and to remain healthy

Please note, In case a an international student's DLI is not included under approved list on DLIs, then he/she can't travel to Canada at this point of time. If the students tries to travel to Canada under this scenario, the airport authority may not allow him/her to board the flight or the student may be turned away at the Canadian port of entry.

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