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Can Toronto be a Contender to Become a Larger Hub for North American Tech Talent?

March 25 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Can Toronto be a Contender to Become a Larger Hub for North American Tech Talent?

If there is a dark horse among the biggest technology hubs, then Toronto is definitely the stallion among those. In the last five years, Toronto has proved that it has much more to offer than its cultural and commercial appeal, and the astonishing Niagara Falls.

As per the Scoring Tech Talent report issued by the CBRE’s in 2019, Toronto has recorded the creation of total 80,100 tech jobs between the year Between 2013 and 2018 and has issued 22,466 tech degrees as well.

What are the Contributory Factors?

Toronto has become one of the fast-paced cities in the world to look out for tech jobs. All thanks go to its investments in high-end technologies like AI and machine-learning at all the learning institutions, and friendly immigration policy for global tech talent.

Canada’s immigration policy is quite generous to all skilled workers. If a company wishes to recruit a technologically skilled applicant, then the Canadian immigration process is easy and smooth. This is the reason that is compelling more and more U.S. based firms to expand their roots in Toronto. And it clearly reflects in the career webpage of most of the U.S. companies, where you will find job openings for Toronto location.

Say, for instance, there have been 20 job openings posted by Amazon for their Toronto office. Well, Microsoft is all set to open its new headquarters in Toronto by September 2020 and is expecting to hire 500 full-time employees along with 500 interns.

The easy-to-follow work permit process is another contributory factor. The Global Talent Stream (GTS) is specially designed for those employers who wish to bring their new employees to Canada fast.

Established in the year 2017, the GTS aims at processing LMIAs (Labour Market Impact Assessments) for skilled temporary workers within 2 weeks time.

The GTS is divided into 2 sub-categories:

  • Category A: It is for those people who got a nomination from Canadian employers on a designated occupation list.
  • Category B: It is for those people who possess skills in specifically listed occupations that is pre-determined in the in-demand occupation list of Canada.

Apart from GTS, there are other work permits, which helps a company is relocating its employee base via a simple and faster method. It s called, Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit (ICT), which can be used by those international companies who want to send their workers to their respective Canadian office branches. It is designed for temporary foreign workers who must have a minimum of 1 year of work experience with any foreign company.

The NAFTA Professionals Work Permit can also be used by the Tech companies if the job of their employees falls under one of the occupations lists of Canada.

Important: How to Get Job in Canada for New Immigrants

American Tech companies choose the immigration policies of Canada over the U.S.

In a recently conducted survey, around 65% of the U.S. companies accepted that they would love to choose the immigration policies of Canada over the U.S. and are expanding their presence in Toronto.

Around 35% of those companies are transferring their current employee base and hiring international skilled talent for their Canadian locations.

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