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Manitoba Promotes Francophone Immigration through MPNP

March 25 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Manitoba  inviting francophones for exploratory visits


Manitoba is targeting to invite francophone populations from different provinces of Canada for exploratory visits. This exploratory visit is more like a pre-arranged trip that promotes as well as supports all the eligible MPNP Skilled Worker candidates to visit Manitoba to look out for better job opportunities. This helps them in making an informed decision and help them settle down in Manitoba with their family members as permanent residents.

In Canada, there are approximately 7 million French-mother-tongue people, i.e. 21.4% of the total population. Thus, to provide all the candidates a fair chance, MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) has also updated the screening guidelines of candidates to help ease out the application process for their exploratory visits.

Here are a few highlighted form a news statement released by Ralph Eichler, Manitoba’s Economic Development and Training Minister:

“As immigration is critical to our economic growth, we are strengthening our partnership with CDEM to support the economic and cultural vitality of our francophone communities and Manitoba as a whole.” “Our renewed partnership aligns with Manitoba’s Growing Through Immigration Strategy as it will help increase the size and diversity of the talent pool available to the Manitoba industry.”

CDEM’s participation will help prospective francophone immigrants build stronger ties to francophone communities in Manitoba and local economic opportunities.”

Well, the key objective behind this step is to improve the selection, promotion, settlement, retention, and integration of French-speaking new immigrants to FMCs in Canada, i.e. Francophone Minority Communities.


Eligibility Criteria for the Exploratory Visit

  • You must age between 21 to 45 years
  • You must have completed at least a year post-secondary program and have a certificate or diploma
  • You must have a minimum of 2 years of full-time work experience in the past five years spans with a minimum of 6 months of continuous work experience. You experience must fall under the high-demand jobs list of Manitoba
  • You must obtain a minimum 5 CLB in all 4 French Language Test sections.
  • You must show liquid funds proof that must Low the LICO (Income Cutoff) needs for independent financial resources for up to 6 months time period

Check: Canada PNP Live Tracker

How you can Apply for Exploratory Visits?

  • You must fill the exploratory visit form online and submit it to the CDEM
  • Once selected for an interview with CDEM, you will get a direct invite from CDEM
  • The CDEM will then send an official invitation letter to apply for a temporary resident visa to visit and reside in Manitoba
  • Once you get your visitor visa, you must contact the CDEM to help you plan out your Manitoba s exploratory visit
  • Once you get your letter of invitation to submit an interest declaration, you must submit your DI, i.e. the declaration of interest on the PCM website
  • If you have scored high points in the DI pool, then you will get a letter that asks you to submit your completed application
  • If your application is reviewed successfully, then you will be nominated by the PMC and a Manitoba Designation Certificate, i.e. valid for 6 months

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