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Saskatchewan PNP launches new tech immigration program

March 15 , 2022 By Rajneesh Kumar

Saskatchewan PNP launches new tech immigration program

To compensate for major labour shortages in Saskatchewan’s tech sector, the province has launched a new Tech Talent Pathway with effect from March 7, 2022.

The new immigration program under SINP will open immigration route for foreign workers in 11 tech occupations who desire to move to Saskatchewan permanently. With this new stream, employers in Saskatchewan can offer an expedited immigration process to those tech workers who are already working in Saskatchewan, as well as those who are recruited outside Canada.

In a media release, Immigration and Career Training Minister, Jeremy Harrison said, “The new Tech Talent Pathway provides the employers in Saskatchewan with a dedicated stream for the attraction of highly skilled talent into our thriving technology sector.”

To qualify for SINP’s New Tech Talent Stream, candidates must:

·         Have an employer-specific Job Approval Letter in a technology sector occupation

·         Score at least CLB level 5 if not working in Saskatchewan or CLB level 7 if applying for Express Entry

·         Have a minimum of one year of work experience in a tech occupation obtained in the past five years; or six months of work experience gained in Saskatchewan

·         Have completed post-secondary education

·         Qualify for Saskatchewan professional licensing (for computer, electrical, electronics engineers, and software).


Please note, the program criteria is subject to change at the discretion of Saskatchewan PNP.

Eligible Occupations- SINP’s New Tech Talent Stream

Candidates can apply under Saskatchewan Tech Talent Pathway only if they have a valid job offer in any of the following occupations:

·         0213 Computer and information systems managers

·         2133 Electrical and Electronics engineers

·         2147 Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

·         2171 Information System analysts and consultants

·         2172 Database analysts and data administrators

·         2173 Software engineers and designers

·         2174 Computer programmers and interactive media developers

·         2175 Web designers and developers

·         2281 Computer network technicians

·         2282 User support technicians

·         2283 Information system testing technicians


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