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Canada Recorded Total 435,000 Job vacancies in the First Quarter of 2019

March 26 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Canada Recorded Total 435,000 Job vacancies in the First Quarter of 2019

According to the latest help-wanted report updates from CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business), the job vacancy rate in Canada s private sector have reached to a recorded 3.3 percent in the first quarter of the year. It is recorded as a 0.1 percent increase in comparison to the previous quarter.

Surprisingly, as a report issued by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the highest number of job vacancies has been recorded in Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario. These 435,000 jobs sat vacant for more than four months in Canada and is a sole reason behind the job vacancy rate reaching up to 3.3 percent and the shortage has largely affected skilled positions in contrary to unskilled or semiskilled occupations.

The CFIB also said that the job vacancy rate is gradually slowing down, but what still stands tall as a challenge for employers is the rising labour shortage in Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business s vice-president and chief economist, Mr. Ted Mallet has also issued a statement, where he said: “The national vacancy rate has been steadily climbing for the past two years and it reached another record high last quarter.”

Let s take a look at the figures province wise:

Province Vacancy Rate Change Unfilled Jobs
Quebec 4.1% +0.1% 120,800
British Columbia 3.6% +0.1% 6 9,400
Ontario 3.3% +0.1% 174,800
New Brunswick 2.8%   6,600
Manitoba 2.4%   10,400
Saskatchewan 2.3% +0.1% 8,000
Nova Scotia 2.3% -0.1% 7,000
Alberta 2.1% -0.1% 33,800
Newfoundland & Labrador 1.9% +0.1% 2,800
Prince Edward Island 1.8% +0.1% 900

  A view at the sector-wise figures:

Sector Vacancy Rate
Construction 4.9%
Personal Services 4.7%
Businesses in Agriculture 3.8%
Hospitality 3.7%
Professional Services 3.6%
Transportation 3.6%
Manufacturing 3%
Oil and Gas 2.3%
Finance 2.1%
Information 1.9%

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