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New Parents and Grandparents Human Capital Pilot to Stabilize PGP 2020

March 25 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

New Parents and Grandparents Human Capital Pilot to Stabilize PGP 2020


As a step taken in a response to the last year's figures, where only 21,000 PGP spots were filled out of 100,000 PGP applications, the Canadian government is planning to open a new window for the same.

The federal government is now working towards the Parents and Grandparents immigration program s limitations and fallouts. There is a plan to scrape out the earlier first-come, first-served approach because it produces a lot of backlog of applications. In fact, this elongates the processing time as well for up to five years and unfortunately some grandparents and parents even pass away during the process.

A quick solution to this problem is definitely an introduction of the Human Capital Pilot. This approach, if adopted, can help manage the inflow of PGP applications in an organized manner. Under the Economic Class pilot, those parents and grandparents will get preferences who are younger and highly educated with prior work experience, and competency in English or French language. This pilot program will also support the existing Family Class Visa and the Super Visa under PGP.

It is expected that under this new Human Capital Pilot program, the Canadian government may invite approximately 2,750 to 3,500 applicants per year. This pilot is sure to accelerate the application processing time for those who meet the key eligibility requirements and would result in a fall in the number of application backlogs.

In fact, this new Human Capital Pilot program will also garner more support from the Canadian population. The reason being, by welcoming more younger and educated parents and grandparents there would be less burden over Canada's economy and health care system as they can also contribute to the Canadian labour market and their own household by working in Canada.

Moreover, there is also an economic justification that supports welcoming parents and grandparents, i.e. they provide the best child care for their families. This, in turn, helps families to earn and save more money.

Though, the government of Canada has not announced any specific dates or plans, but, it is indeed an innovative way to manage the issues faced by and improve the scope of Parents and Grandparents immigration program.

If you are also willing to reunite with your family and bring them to live with you in Canada, then you can apply for under the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) under Canada's Family Class sponsorship program.

There is a stream specially designed for parents and grandparents of all the citizens and permanent residents of Canada. All those who are approved under PGP receives the permanent residence of Canada and can also apply for citizenship of Canada (if eligible).

Eligibility criteria of Parents and Grandparents Immigration Program

  • You have to a Canadian permanent resident or citizen
  • Must age 18 years or above
  • Must provide income proof to IRCC that you exceed the minimum income level that is required for PGP (if you are married or in any common-law relationship, then the income of both the spouse as well as the sponsor has to be included)
  • You must sign an undertaking
  • You must provide your financial stability proof that you can support their living for up to 20 years from the day they obtain Canadian PR status
  • You must repay benefits (social assistance) that you have paid to the sponsored family members
  • If you live Quebec, then you have to sign an additional "undertaking" with Quebec

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